Chongqing’s blue Friends come to the Winter Olympics

Since the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, gu Ailing, a girl of talent and strength, su Yiming, a “snow Goddess”, and the lovely ice dun dun can be said to have attracted a lot of fans, and a group of people with them to the ice and snow about.”This is the first time FOR me to go to the north, and I still feel very cold. Usually I have to wear a scarf and a mask when I go out for inspection. If I stay outside for half an hour, my eyebrows and hair will be covered with white air.”Yang Song checks the fire safety sign on December 20, 2021, Yang Song just finished an inspection, according to the mobile phone, the number of sports steps has passed 20,000.Since arriving in Zhangjiakou in late October, Yang led the security team to visit the winter Olympics uniforms and registration center and other core venues, as well as hotels, guesthouses and two surrounding communities to fully understand the basic information of units, hidden dangers, facilities and equipment.Jonsson check during the indoor fire hydrant event, jonsson and security teams continue to promote the core venue area around 312 hidden perils in the building fire safety regulation, the jurisdiction 28 old buildings is not assured, promote earthly government to carry out the special funds set up complete, repair of indoor fire hydrant, dry powder extinguisher, and according to each of two people, a total of 46 people staffing standards,Implement 24 – hour special squad patrol.Yang song said that although he has not been home for four months, it is worthwhile to do a good job of fire security during the Winter Olympics.Out of apology to the child, Yang song said he would bring the child a “bing Dwen Dwen” to cheer him up.”Zhangjiakou wind lights Up Beijing” – Zhangjiakou, northwest of Beijing, has abundant wind and light resources. Thanks to the efforts of countless people, the wind and light in Zhangbei have been converted into green and clean electricity.Yuan Hao, from yubei District fire rescue Detachment, will do how to ensure the safety of green electricity from Hebei province when he completes his trip to Beijing for the Winter Olympics.Yuan Hao joined the fire brigade in 2012 and, like Yang song, went to Zhangjiakou, Hebei province to reinforce the fire and security work for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Yuan Hao introduced that he was mainly responsible for the fire safety work of the three power stations. “On the one hand, we should keep track of the stability of each line and check the stability of the transformer, because there is cooling oil in the transformer equipment, which is a dangerous point.On the other hand, we need to train the fire fighters of the power company on fire safety issues and how to deal with them and so on.”During the Winter Olympics, Yuan Hao commuted between three power stations every day. If the wind in Zhangbei lights up the lights in Beijing, then Yuan Hao and his team members are the ones who “guard the wind”.The third Hospital chongli branch of Peking University is mainly responsible for receiving the injured athletes during the Olympic Games and ensuring the fire safety of the hospital, which is particularly important.Fu Yuzhuo, from the rail transit detachment, is responsible for the hospital’s fire safety, among other jobs.Before the competition, Fu yuzhuo led the security team to carry out fire safety drills in the hospital and formulate a series of fire emergency measures.During the competition, Fu Yuzhuo coordinated 2 staff to enter the hospital and checked the fire safety situation of the hospital daily through voice and video.During the Winter Olympics, Fu Yuzhuo led the security team to find 85 hidden dangers, put forward more than 70 rectification suggestions, guide and help key units to improve daily fire safety management, etc.In addition, by establishing fire safety groups, connecting local staff to carry out joint prevention and treatment, and distributing publicity materials, he carried out fire protection publicity activities from online and offline channels, and guided 16 units to sign the “Letter of Commitment on Fire Safety of Social Units for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics”.Romantic, ethereal blue is the mass-tone attune of the winter Olympics opening ceremony of the screen, the rectification is the “blue flame” silent guard this with blue for the games are on the security background and blue are the games in the competition of “into the future together” strong power source: chongqing fire rescue team all media center Jiulongpo district team YuBei team rail transportation team

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