Fukuda cold knowledge: unexpectedly, Fukuda really do not have a field!

Compared to the Spring Festival holiday when the temperature finally rose a little, after all, the south of the cold is simply a magical attack when it comes to cold, today is not as good as follow small fu into the Futian district “unknown” cold knowledge of the first phase!Futian District as shenzhen CBD field?It is said that during the reign of Emperor Guangzong of the Southern Song Dynasty, Huang Xi, the fourth son of huang Jintang, the ancestor of Shangsha Village, created a “getian”, which looked like a grid. Because it looked like a beautiful picture, it was renamed “Butian”.Posterity take homophonic, and renamed “Futian”, have “fu in the field” meaning.There is also another saying “Futian” from the Song Dynasty couplets the older generation only know “Futian District” once called “shangbu district” at that time there was a “Xiabou Temple” this this this……In 1990, the Futian District of Shenzhen was officially established with the approval of The State Council due to the adjustment of the city s administrative district planning.After the opening of Shennan Avenue, Futian District has become shenzhen C, from now on the road of gao Fu Shuai!Today, Futian District is no longer “pastoral”. It has become the administrative, cultural, financial and information center of Shenzhen. It is really like a small fortune.I believe that many partners will think of the complex subway transit line for the first time is more confusing is the temple of che Gong Temple can not find where do not doubt their small fortune here to tell you that “Che Gong Temple has no temple” according to legend che Gong (Che Grand Marshal) is the southern Song dynasty general, has successfully calmed jiangnan chaos.It is said that in the southern song dynasty, has been an escort song emperor south, to the deep harbor area but unfortunately died, the posterity to table the brave, for he made temple consecrate delta shenzhen che che, shatin, Hong Kong subway train car today, Hong Kong, shatin, che still Midas touch of shenzhen CheGongZe don’t know what time in learning the stealth only place name, keep he visited mark delta photo source:Shenzhen metro but in addition to temple, now che Gong Temple everything!As the city’s largest transportation hub, Shenzhen is the first four-line transfer station, court, restaurants, food……It’s perfect for young people like Fuku!Now the bamboo forest is called scalpers long before a PoLing when bamboo is quite dense delta photo source: a shenzhen years ago (yao) in the autumn of 1982, twenty thousand construction corps construction tasks assigned to the shenzhen, local materials put up the rows of bamboo shed, is their new home, also named “bamboo hotel”.Bamboo Forest dabie field?Sounds good senior but it tough mice and snakes are often visited every corps out returned home habits, pointing to the distance of bamboo forest told the driver “I in bamboo forests”, so the name of word of mouth of bamboo forest was called opened in shenzhen development changes with each passing day, bamboo also gradually disappeared in the everyone’s field of vision, the name “bamboo forest”,But with the sweat of the builders to this day.Let’s pay tribute to the army of infrastructure engineers for their great contribution to the development of Shenzhen!”Since ancient times, no one can die. Keep an honest heart according to history.”These two lines of Wen Tianxiang’s poem, catcaty, will be read through the ages but have you ever thought that there is a village in Futian hiding wen tianxiang’s descendants?That’s right!Shenzhen futian hillock village of fuzhou is a history of more than 600 years old village residents more surnamed wen they are the descendants of the southern song dynasty yuan and hero wen tianxiang 26 generation delta wen tianxiang portrait after shenzhen special economic zone was formally established in 1980 hills mansion village road venturi descendants can say on the counter attack from the “farming” change “room” from “yams township” become one of the “half” from futian district economyThe “dirty and messy” urban village has become a central business district integrating high-end hotels, shopping malls, finance, culture and entertainment, and leisure

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