Gu responded to the attack by saying she wanted to use sports to unite people, not divide them

Beijing, February 9 (Xinhua) — By Zhao Jiantong, Dong Yixing, Gao Meng and Ma Kai”I’m not trying to please everyone, I’m just an 18-year-old girl who wants to enjoy my own life.I don’t really care if people are happy or not.I feel like I’m doing my best and enjoying the process.”After winning gold in the women’s freestyle platform at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Monday, Gu Was asked by the Guardian at a press conference how she viewed criticism from some US media and Internet users.Gu Ailing of China competes in Beijing, Feb 8, 2018.”If someone doesn’t trust me or don’t like me, then it’s their loss.””I feel comfortable in both the U.S. and China,” Gu said.I feel that sport must be used to unite people, not divide us.”After winning her first Olympic gold medal, Gu posted on social media to share her joy with friends overseas.Most of the comments on the post were congratulatory messages from well-known skiers, her friends and fans, while some were unkind about “representing China”.”Isn’t her success mainly due to her own hard work and the support of her family?Why is it so hard for some people to acknowledge That Gu is amazing and inspiring and then congratulate her for winning?”Gu, 18, was born in San Francisco to a Chinese mother and an American father and speaks fluent Chinese and English.She says she likes Chinese food very much, like the food cooked by grandma.”When I was eight years old, I joined a ski team and was the only girl.I went home and said to my mom, I want to go to the Winter Olympics.”Gu still remembers the beginning of her Olympic dream.Gu Ailing of China (c), runner-up Tess of France, and mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland take part in a trophy presentation ceremony in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 8, 2019.In 2019, Gu Ailing announced that she would officially represent The Chinese team in various events.At the time, the decision caused a major reversal in American sports.In January 2021, Gu won two gold MEDALS and one bronze at the WORLD X Games.In a telephone interview after the match, she told xinhua reporters that prompted her decision on behalf of the Chinese race is the direct cause of, she learned that in 2019 China will vigorously popularize mass of ice and snow sports as a policy, put forward “drive three hundred million people involved in the snow and ice movement”, was determined by hosting the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympics, improve China’s ice and snow sports especially snow sports scores,We will work to build China into a strong sports country.Ms. Gu said at the time that she thought her success could encourage thousands of Chinese to take up skiing, and given the potential for huge impact, she had no hesitation in choosing to represent China at the Winter Olympics.She thinks she can be a bridge between ice sports and Chinese women, to get more Chinese women involved in the sport.It can also serve as a bridge between China and the United States, allowing ice sports lovers and ordinary people in both countries to better understand each other, since sports are a common language all over the world.Gu Ailing of China competes in the women’s freestyle ski platform final at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 8, 2018.”I have always openly expressed my gratitude to the US team. They have spared no effort to help me and I will always be grateful.The same goes to the Chinese team, who have shown me great support.””I think both sides can understand that I really want to use sport as a unifying force, to build bonds between nations, not to divide them.My ultimate goal is to show the sport to the world.”Gu Ailing 8 in the post-match press conference said.Source: Xinhua

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