Instructions!Hunan CDC: these six types of people returning to the community need to be screened

Hunan Daily, March 24 (all media reporter, Zhang Chunxiang, correspondent, Zhang Hengjiao, Zhang Yana) Epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the community.The current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim. Who should be screened after returning to the community?Today, provincial disease control issued epidemic prevention tips.6 categories of people returning to the community need to be checked, including: ★ Overseas returnees.Including our province as the first point of entry and the first point of entry is not our province into (return) hunan personnel.★ Release the returnees from centralized quarantine.★ All returnees from other provinces, including those from provinces where local cases (including asymptomatic infected persons) have been reported.★ “red and yellow code” personnel.★ Close contact, sub-close contact, potential close contact of confirmed cases, suspected cases, and asymptomatic infected persons, key groups that may be exposed, companions in time and space, and people returning from general contacts.Returning personnel engaged in high school risk industries.News more > > > Which groups belong to high school risk industry personnel high risk industry personnel:Concentrated isolation staff (enabled the isolation of stagnation point of medical staff, cleaning, disinfection, and contact isolation and stagnation of pollutants security personnel and logistics personnel, psychological counselling staff, enabling the isolation of the head of the liaison, information, and does not contact the observation object and its pollutant security personnel, logistics personnel).Staff of medical institutions (staff of fever outpatient service, emergency treatment, pre-triage, nucleic acid sampling and testing, medical waste disposal, etc.)Port city workers (direct contact with imported cold chain food and packaging from personnel of course of direct contact with the staff, international transport, port imported goods transport direct contact or service inbound international crew, passengers, aircraft, luggage, goods and exposure may practitioners, ship pilot step into foreign vessel operation personnel, customs a line workers and immigrantsLine staff, frontier inspection frontline staff).Medium risk industry personnel: express delivery workers.All staff in health care facilities other than those in high-risk positions.Other staff of imported cold chain food enterprises and family members of imported cold chain food enterprises.Other staff members of international transport vehicles and family members of employees of international transport vehicles.Other port ship operators and family members of port ship operators.Other customs personnel and family members of customs personnel.Other migrant workers and family members of migrant workers.Other border control staff and their family members.Supervise site workers.Social welfare pension institution staff.Staff involved in community prevention and control.Stall owners and employees of related processing enterprises selling cold chain food in low-risk areas in agricultural products (markets) and supermarkets.People engaged in transportation.Market (trade) supervision system front-line staff.Other people in medium-risk positions determined by risk assessment.[Editor: Zhou Ti][Source: Hunan Daily]

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