Nadal became the first man to win 21 titles in men’s tennis

Reference news network reported on February 1, according to Spanish le monde website reported on January 31, on January 30 in the final of the Australian open, rafael nadal prior to throw two sets of circumstances even after three, after five hours of fighting, the final 3-2 reversal against Russia dmitry medvedev, took the Australian open championship trophy for the second time.It was also his 21st Grand Slam title, a new record in men’s tennis history.Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic congratulated Rafael Nadal on his unique Grand Slam record.”Never underestimate a great champion,” Federer wrote on Instagram after Nadal won his 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.Your incredible work ethic, hard work and high spirit are an inspiration to me and millions of people around the world…I am honored to share this era with you and to play a role in pushing you to greater heights, just as you have done for me over the past 18 years.”The Spaniard left Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, who each have 20 Grand Slam titles, in the dust, the report said.Serbian Novak Djokovic was kicked out of the country ahead of the tournament for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.The world Number one also took to the social networking site to congratulate Nadal for his “amazing performance” and pay tribute to his “incredible fighting spirit”.Sweat refinement of the legendary in addition, according to Argentina Buenos Aires economic news network reported on January 30, with 90 titles, including 21 is a grand slam champion, 209 firm was ranked first, four won the Davis cup, two gold MEDALS from singles and doubles champion record impressive – rafael nadal.Mr. Nadal was born in Manacor, a small town on the Spanish island of Majorca, and spent his childhood in a large house where all his family lived together, although his parents separated in 2009.In this family environment, Nadal’s uncles played a decisive role in his future career development:Barcelona player Miguel Angel Nadal introduced him to the demands of professional sport from an early age, while Uncle Toni was Nadal’s tennis mentor from the age of four until his compatriot and friend Carlos Moya took over the role in 2018.As Nadal described it in his autobiography, he worked hard and sweated at the tennis club across the street from his home under “the strictest coach”, his uncle.According to Tony, hard work is the price you have to pay to transform a shy boy into a competitive beast on the field and a gentleman on and off the field.Nadal was not as technically gifted as Federer, but his mentality contributed to his victory, the report said.”He was able to take the hard knocks and outdo most of his opponents,” toney says, along with his remarkable focus.With his victory, Nadal became the first man to win a Grand Slam singles title in the Open era.Still, Nadal has some unfinished business.Four Grand Slams in a year Djokovic came close to that goal in 2021, but Medvedev stopped him in the US Open final.To do that, it obviously has to start with winning at the Australian Open.The French Open, where Nadal has won 13 titles, comes in May;Then wimbledon, he has two titles;And the US Open, which he has lifted four times.The all-time record for singles Grand Slams is held by Australian Margaret Court with 24, followed by Serena Williams with 23 and Steffi Graff with 22.Nadal, who began the tournament as the sixth seed, has 209 weeks as no. 1, sixth on the list.The current no. 1 is Novak Djokovic, who has spent a total of 358 weeks at the top.Nadal poses with the trophy during the trophy ceremony on January 30.The Xinhua News Agency

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