Oceanwide holdings intends to use not more than 1.5 billion fixed income products investment!Independent director Chen Feixiang resigned

March 15, oceanwide Holdings (000046) Co., Ltd. issued a resolution notice on the 49th interim meeting of the 10th board of Directors.The board agreed to authorize overseas subsidiaries Oceanwide International Capital Co., Ltd. and Oceanwide International 2017 Co., Ltd. to invest up to 1.5 billion yuan in fixed-income products, according to the statement.Separately, Oceanwide said that Chen Feixiang, an independent director of the company, is no longer able to serve as an independent director after his six-year term expires in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.The nomination Committee of the 10th board of Directors of the Company recommends and agrees to the addition of Kong Aiguo as an independent director candidate for the 10th board of Directors of the Company, whose term of office is the same as that of the 10th board of Directors.Kong aiguo has made a written commitment that he agrees to accept the nomination, that the candidate’s information disclosed to the public is true, accurate, complete and qualified for office, and that he will earnestly perform his duties after being elected.Kong Aiguo does not hold any shares of the company at present. If he holds any shares of the company in the future, he will manage the shares of the company in strict accordance with relevant regulatory rules and relevant provisions of the company.On the same day, Oceanwide Holdings announced the announcement of mutual guarantee quota between its holding subsidiaries in 2022.The announcement shows that the actual balance of external guarantee of the company and its holding subsidiaries is about 4.625 million yuan, accounting for 278.48% of the company’s audited net assets on December 31, 2020;Among them, the actual balance of the guarantee to a third party during the transition period caused by the sale of assets by Wuhan Central Business District Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Oceanwide Holdings, to Sunac Real Estate Group Co., LTD., is about 184,600 yuan, accounting for 11.12% of the audited net assets of Oceanwide Holdings on December 31, 2020;The actual balance of the guarantee provided by Oceanwide holdings for China Oceanwide Holdings Group was about 1.074 million yuan, accounting for 64.68% of the audited net assets as of December 31, 2020.

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