Real case tells you, assault police, insult police, never allowed!

Peace Longwan to provide the latest information, service guidelines, preventive reminder and other information legal dignity not to challenge police law enforcement authority not to blaspheme can always someone “by example” this Longwan public security adhere to the “zero tolerance” resolutely strike according to law!Since 2019, the Longwan Public Security Sub-bureau has handled 76 cases of rights protection, including 10 criminal penalties, 68 administrative penalties and one person for criticism and education.Case one: On January 10, 2021, zhang xx had a dispute with her family after drinking in Yaoxi Street in Longwan District. When yaoxi police station led auxiliary police to the scene, Zhang xx threatened the auxiliary police with a violent way of choking the auxiliary police’s neck, causing auxiliary police Zhou’s neck injury.Zhang was sentenced to eight months in prison for obstructing official duties.Case 2: At 22:00 on December 29, 2020, Chen was summoned to puzhou police station because of drunken rioting. Chen then insulted police officers and auxiliary police chief for more than half an hour in puzhou case handling area, causing the police station case handling area to be unable to work normally, with bad influence.Chen was detained for seven days on suspicion of disturbing order and abusing others.Case three at 20 on April 24, 2020, Wu in yongzhong street Longhua village intersection due to the problem of the cost and tricycle driver dispute, the central police station police led auxiliary police, Wu and his brother Wu kicked the police, auxiliary police.Two brothers, Surnamed Wu and Surnamed Wu, were detained for 9 and 7 days respectively on suspicion of obstructing the people’s police from performing their duties according to law.For shall perform their duties according to law, exercise their functions and powers, the public security police law the dignity of the nation and the police law enforcement authority, the Ministry of Public Security in February 1, 2019 formally implemented the public security organs to maintain civilian police law enforcement authority regulations, the provisions on the issue has been three years, to effectively maintain the authority of law enforcement and police legitimate rights and interests has played a big role.Audited by Yang Jihua Editor by Chen Qingqing

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