Taiyuan Jinyuan District: Hold the special meeting for 2022 special bond project application

On the morning of February 15, Liu Wan, member of standing Committee of Jinyuan District Committee and Deputy Head of Jinyuan District, presided over a special meeting on the application of 2022 special bond projects, and made arrangements for the application of new special bond projects in jinyuan District.District finance bureau, district development and reform Bureau, district water bureau, district Agriculture and Rural bureau, district urban and rural administration, district health and health bureau, district Housing and Construction bureau and other responsible comrades attended the meeting.The meeting conveyed the relevant requirements of the finance and development and reform departments of the provinces and cities on supplementary reporting the fund needs of the 2022 new special bond project, analyzed and judged the project application situation of Jinyuan District, and made specific arrangements for relevant work.The meeting pointed out that the 2022 special bond project declaration is of great significance to Jinyuan District to accelerate the promotion of the “three district strategy”. All levels and departments should further strengthen the overall awareness, cooperate closely, and complete the project planning declaration with high quality and high standard.The meeting requirements, the relevant departments to effectively improve the political position, earnestly implement the economic work conference of the district committee and the spirit of the district “two sessions”, closely follow the special bond project policy direction, make full use of the relevant policies of the superior, actively strive for project warehousing, ensure the landing of bond funds, to ensure the construction of key projects;It is necessary to strictly examine and check the status, timely improve the pre-project procedures in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provinces and cities on the declaration of special bonds, complete the declaration requirements, complete the declaration materials, and comply with the declaration procedures, constantly strengthen the monitoring of the whole process of the use of special bond funds, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the use of bond funds.It is necessary to innovate development ideas, explore diversified investment and financing methods, actively guide social capital investment, further broaden the investment and financing channels of government investment projects, inject new vitality into the financial operation of Jinyuan District, boost the high-quality development of the whole region’s economy, and meet the 20th victory of the Party with excellent results.Source: Jinyuan Published by Li Lintang Hua

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