Tech morning news! 2022-2-11

A scenic view of snow rime clouds is seen in changpu Alpine eco-tourism resort in Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, Feb. 10, 2019.After the snow ji, silver wrapped calamus everywhere Yushu Qiongzhi, glittering and translucent twinkle, beauty like fairyland.Photo by Qiu Hongbin,, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games licensed goods ice and snow sports silver stripe suit.On February 10, according to the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce, the 29-day “2022 National Online Shopping Festival” has just ended.Among them, the snow and ice economy takes advantage of the momentum, the winter Olympics goods and snow and ice equipment sales flourishing.The sales volume of winter Olympics commemorative products increased 21.2 times year on year;Sales of ski equipment and ski clothing rose 62.9 percent and 61.2 percent year-on-year, respectively.(source: China news network) pure image: science and technology university of science and technology of China recently, China university of science and technology of jian-wei pan, Zhao Bo with the Chinese Academy of Sciences such as chemistry, bai team cooperation, in ultracold atoms molecular mixture for the first time in the synthesis of three molecules, atoms to based on quantum simulation of ultracold atoms molecules and ultracold quantum chemistry research is an important step.(source: Sciencedaily) High-resolution crystal structure of de novo protein (sky blue) compared with design model (green).Photo source:China university of science and technology of low nature magazine published Feb. 10, according to the latest research achievements of science and technology of China university associate professor, professor liu haiyan, Chen Quan team based on the data driven principle, open up gives a new protein design line, from the start in the frontier areas of science and technology to achieve the protein design key core technology of original innovation,It lays a solid foundation for the design of functional proteins such as industrial enzymes, biological materials and biomedical proteins.(Credit: Science and Technology Daily)CCTV news client recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the qinghai-tibet plateau by the team through the process of deep tectonic geological evolution, the lithosphere dynamics, paleotemperature and ancient vegetation analysis field, and the ancient climate simulation means comprehensive research, quantitative restore the central valley of the qinghai-tibet plateau uplift and the demise of 38 million and 29 million years ago,It is revealed that the uplift of the Central Valley is the beginning of the great influence of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau on the surface environment.The results were published online Feb. 10 in the international journal Science Advances.● Mulberry is an important ecological and economic tree species.A recent study by Chinese researchers has found that the fusion and breakage of chromosomes has resulted in mulberry trees having two sets of chromosome bases.The research breaks the previous belief that there is only one set of chromosome base for an organism, and lays the foundation for an accurate family tree of mulberry trees.The findings are published online in the journal Horticultural Research.● A team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has made new progress in wheat genome-edited breeding for disease resistance, screening a novel susceptible gene mutant, TamLO-R32, from a large number of genome-edited wheat mutants.The mutant showed complete resistance to powdery mildew with normal growth, development and yield.This study is an important advance in wheat powdery mildew resistance breeding, and also fully demonstrates the great application prospect of genome editing in modern agricultural production.(Source: CCTV News client) The picture shows the ecological restoration of the fossil lizards.As one of the most successful evolutionary clades of squamids, the Monitor lizards have attracted much attention because of their large size and mysterious origins.A fossil from hubei province, China, dated from 56 million to 52 million years ago, adds to the evidence for the Asian origin of the giant lizards, suggesting that there was a transition from the giant lizards to the giant lizards in Asia.China’s Xu Mengtao competes during the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Feb 10, 2018.● Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu scored 324.22 points to win the silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 10.(Source: CCTV News) Jin Boyang of China competes on February 10.● On February 10, China’s Jin Boyang set a personal season high score of 179.45 points in the men’s single figure skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, ranking ninth with a total score of 270.43 points. Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan ranked fourth in figure skating, and Chen Wei of the United States won the gold medal.(source: Xinhua) Editor: Zhang Shuang review: Yue Liang final: He Yi

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