Chen Zi-xu deserves it!

The heart of the poor students, they lit the torch of love and hope.Recently, the first selection campaign of “the most Beautiful benetors” in Hunan province jointly launched by the provincial Education Department and Hunan Daily came to an end, with 10 people elected as “the most beautiful benetors” and 19 people nominated for “the most beautiful benetors” in Hunan Province.Chen Zi-xu, an 87-year-old liling student, was named the “most beautiful donor” in Hunan Province.Today, we will focus on the typical deeds and touching stories of Chen Zi-xu, “the most beautiful benefactor” in Hunan province. Chen Zi-xu was born in an ordinary peasant family. He experienced the difficulties for students from poor families to go to school and knew that only reading could change a person’s fate.Therefore, since 1999, with the idea of “wanting to do something for the children in his hometown”, the 65-year-old has embarked on the road of supporting poor students.Since 1999, Chen Zi-xu, pushing a bicycle, has embarked on the road of voluntary education.He investigation, verification, summary of poor student files, while running around to raise funds for love.During the 23 years, she broke down 11 bicycles and traveled over 100,000 kilometers to 569 administrative villages and 449 primary and secondary schools in The city. By 2021, she had helped 1,883 poor students realize their dream of going to school.Little known is that until 2014, he lived in the worst mud-walled house in the village, as he always did what he could to help the children with great love.Now, at the age of 87, Chen Zi-xu is still walking without stop.Along the way, trials and hardships.In front of his moped has been posted a sentence: “trials and hardships, but the enterprise students become pillars”, this is the best portrayal of his way to help students, but also he has been pursuing.On this stormy road, he had fallen down, been bitten by fierce dogs, and been misunderstood many times, but he never thought of giving up.Decades like a day, he never stopped his steps forward, let the trickle into the sea, lit the lamp of countless people.He supported countless seedlings with his hands and lit up the road for poor students with a heart.Despite the hardship, he said, he would keep going.Warm heart to heart, pass from generation to generation.Chen Zi-xu’s deeds moved many people. Under his influence, more people took up his baton and stepped on the road to help students, and the team of love gradually grew.Great from the ordinary ordinary make great for Hunan “the most beautiful benefactor” Chen Zi-xu praise

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