City sub-center: The Spring Festival guarantee to provide 10 kinds of household dishes without price increase

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce launched the “Warm And Happy Spring Festival” campaign to promote consumption and ensure supply, to ensure that citizens have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Today is the first day of the New Year of the Tiger, the reporter visited the city’s sub-center, a number of large supermarkets, community vegetable shops, found that 10 kinds of household vegetables are sufficient supply, the price is stable.This morning, the wumart store in the city’s sub-center welcomed the first wave of New Year customers.Cabbage 1.38 yuan, tomato 3.99 yuan, the price of these popular dishes did not float compared to the year before.Customer: “I saw the TV also said that the price during the Spring Festival is the same, yes, I came to have a look, no, no change, like I think tomatoes are cheaper.”Customer: “the price is very good, for example leek 5.99 yuan, cucumber also cheap yesterday, I bought, is four more money, quite cheap of this.”During the visit, many citizens said that during the Spring Festival market vegetable prices are stable, before the year also did not concentrate on hoarding, but to buy as you eat, to ensure that the taste is not wasted.The reporter discovers, the daily special offer dish activity that the businessman rolls out is also in synchronous promotion.Bian Jidong, manager of Hualian, Wumart Hypermarket:”We now cargo, daily goods, especially in respect of the people’s livelihood supply is adequate, basically the amount of stock to the shop every day, can to reap a kg Because we have two distribution, then sell special good, if the morning distribution center will match a faulty goods again in the afternoon, we also introduced the masters of cooking all the time, is to ensure that prices do not rise,To ensure that the price is the same as the same period last year, the quality of the store, customers choose the best quality, fully meet the shopping needs of customers to the store.”Community vegetable shop, as an important part of the construction of the 15-minute convenient service life circle in the city’s sub-center, also plays an important role in the supply line of the Spring Festival.Pinong fruit and vegetable convenience supermarket in Zhongcang street, surrounding radiation residential areas, the stock volume here is the largest under Pinong.Direct market supply, quality and quantity, has become the first choice of nearby residents.Li Wen, Deputy Manager of Tongzhou Sugar Research Co., LTD.”We are in the tongzhou district is responsible for the food and vegetables price monitoring, immediately report to the district government district business bureau, ensure good macroeconomic regulation and control, our prices are, whether before or after without any rise in price, the price tends to be stable, and during the holidays, some items will do some promotion, adjust down the price.”Reporters learned from the district Bureau of Commerce, before the festival has a comprehensive understanding of the district’s 15 farmers markets, fresh supermarkets, community convenience stores and other supplies, and strictly implement the “500 meters within the range of at least 1 vegetables and other daily necessities network” requirements.We will ensure adequate supply to five large chain supermarkets, 16 agricultural markets and more than 500 community vegetable shops in the sub-center of the city, and ensure a smooth distribution network. They will not close during the Spring Festival.Reporter Zheng Shi Li Yue reporter station Ji Xu editor Zhu Guangshuai

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