Li Yapeng, 50, took his 19-year-old girlfriend shopping, driving a million luxury car too beautiful, his girlfriend dressed like a passer-by

After Li Yapeng handed in new cummer, his emotional life also gets the attention of everybody, not long ago, Li Yapeng and cummer go shopping together, the cummer that already 50 years old he is driving more than 400 Marriott car to pull him 19 years old appears, of two people dress up but very low-key.Girlfriend wear coats too grounding qi li yapeng the young girlfriend appearance level figure and temperament, are comparable to supermodel, this makes her even wearing a simple dress, also can show a very advanced sense, and the appearance, she chose the warmth retention property of down jacket, though modelling is ground, but the design is simple, down jacket, was she wearing out of the modern effect.Down jacket is really very important for girls in the north, especially in winter. The warmth of down jacket can make people feel comfortable for the whole winter. However, due to the heavy feeling of down jacket, it is difficult to wear this item with fashionable effect.But we can have a look at the collocation of li yapeng girlfriend for down jacket, you will find want down jacket to wear a senior feeling, as long as do this, you can almost: 01 first black: basic color collocation is down jacket, than all the others will bring advanced sense, at the same time can also be reduced down jacket on the vision of massiness.02 Choose H profile: if you want to wear a neat and concise feeling of down jacket, the straight version is our first choice.03 Pay attention to the details of the sense of modelling: mainly is the position of the neckline, we should pay attention to the three-dimensional sense of the neckline, than the down jacket with a hat design, you can show this point.Super model wears this cummer that builds skill Li Yapeng, her modelling of major illicit suit is to look very simple, no matter be in design design or go up in the collocation of color, it is the foundation money that everybody can choose almost, but wear on her body, differ completely with the effect that everybody deducts however.Besides the innate condition itself of somebody else very outstanding, the biggest reason is she can wear build very much, the small detail of a few collocation looks very humble, but the pen that can become the nods eyeball of whole body modelling however.For example, for the color matching of clothes, the three colors that we usually wear are black, white and gray, because the basic colors are too easy to wear, and the specific ways of color matching in clothes are mainly these two: the matching of one color all over the body/the mutual stitching of colors.We can take a look at the mutual stitching of colors, such as the black and white color matching that everyone will choose. There are many matching details that need special attention:1 pay attention to the color of the primary and secondary relations to clear enough in general is a large area of black + white ornament, or a large area of white + black ornament, in such a color, we in addition to highlighting the primary and secondary relations of color, also do color match each other, such as li yapeng girlfriend this body modelling, white suit with black pants,The shoes are also black and white.2. Pay attention to the matching of silhouette. The correct matching of silhouette can add a lot of highlights to the color matching of clothes.3 weakening dress collocation administrative weakening dress collocation administrative levels, also adds to the whole body modelling extremely brief the effect of the wind, in simple terms, is wear three-piece set into the combination of visual two-piece, choose a color inside take, for example, or that the color of the coat and bottoms, collocation is a bright color coat.Such color matching will directly weaken the number of clothes in the visual effect, and also play a role in weakening the sense of modeling, but there is a point that we need to pay special attention to, that is, the style design of clothes, we must choose a minimalist style, at the same time, the color collocation should also choose a simple basic color.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!

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