Much!!!!Three middle schools in Jiangsu have been selected as the source of high-quality students for Tsinghua University, and local education will be upgraded to a new level

With the development of The Times, the education level of Jiangsu province has also reached a new height, among which the high school education level and compulsory education level of the most obvious progress, in addition to the familiar Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing Normal University affiliated middle school, but also a number of famous schools such as Jinling Middle School.As is known to all, the college entrance examination of Jiangsu province is the most difficult province in China, and it also gains a lot in various competitions every year. There are also many excellent high schools in Jiangsu Province. For example:The affiliated Middle school of Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing Foreign Language School, Tianyi Middle School, Changzhou Senior Middle School, Haimen Middle School, Suzhou Middle School, Nanjing Jinling Middle School, Huaiyin Middle School, Hai ‘an Senior Middle school, etc.If we continue to develop at this speed, the overall level of education in Jiangsu province will reach a new height, so we should pay more attention to its development.Excellent!There is no doubt about the strength and reputation of the High School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, which is one of the strongest high schools in Jiangsu province.The most outstanding point of the school lies in talent cultivation. Every year, the number of outstanding students and talents trained by the school increases, and the reason why the school has such outstanding ability is more derived from its profound educational background.As we all know, the school has not only been established for a long time, but also has high teaching quality. With the support from Nanjing Normal University, the school has improved very quickly in all aspects and maintained a good style.With the development of time, the university’s strength and reputation has become more and more, coupled with the number of talents for the many universities in Nanjing, so the annual training of talents is also very excellent.The strength of Nanjing Foreign Language School is also very outstanding, and it is well deserved to be included in this list.In fact, I think the faculty is one of the proudest things about the school, because the school has a very high budget, so it spends a lot of money every year to invite experienced teachers.Relying on such a development approach, the overall strength of the school has also improved very quickly. Nanjing Foreign Languages was successfully listed in the top 50 of the top 100 middle schools, and it is very normal for the school to be listed as the source of high-quality students in Qinghua.At present, the school is trying its best to compete with the top 10 middle schools in China. Although the road is still far away, in my opinion, it still needs to take every step of the road in a down-to-earth way.Nanjing Jinling Middle School has been famous for a long time. With a hundred years of cultural history, Jinling Middle School is not only very rich in education, but also has outstanding teachers and talent cultivation ability.It is also affectionately called “cradle of key universities” because of the large number of students admitted to key universities every year and the attention paid by many 985 universities.How to jinling high school now, rushed into the national top ten middle school is the first to do things, you know, although the high level of education of jiangsu province, school number, but in the domestic top ten high school in jiangsu province is very few, if want to have a better development in jiangsu must first, led by jinling high school, the focus of the school into the national top ten high school to do.Written at the last, the local education will up a notch above three schools of strength is very strong, not only the local is very popular in nanjing, in jiangsu province’s influence is very big also, especially in nanjing foreign language school, the school’s weight the acceptance rate is very amazing, every year for every key university transmission of many high quality talent.Of course, don’t be too upset if you can’t get into the top three schools. You can get into your favorite university as long as you work hard.Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to focus on the wind say education 2022 Beijing university rankings, buaa back north, Beijing university of science and technology from sichuan province local latest notice obviously, college students back to school time to adjust, advance to school students cried the People’s Daily and shamed four universities in Shanghai, diploma is useless, enter oneself for an examination the parents need to be careful

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