Tomorrow (9) father-in-law ill expect to kidnap daughter-in-law to make money

Jiang Month how can not know Luo Guoqing is what person, light is that man look at her eyes, staring at her action, and that eye child in that little 99, a look will know.Before that, she would never have wanted to deal with someone like Luo Guoqing. He was disgusting, disgusting and greasy.But now compared to Xu Yi’s gentleman, she is more willing to deal with Luo Guoqing, Xu Yi knows her mind, even if it is not to panic and her what happened, afraid of her request to him is not good to refuse, and Luo Guoqing is not the same, she believes that Luo Guoqing can not refuse her.As long as Luo Guoqing is willing to give her the phone to use, to give her a chance to escape, she is broken and bleeding.A whole afternoon Jiang Yue did not talk to Xu Yi, she is not grudge Xu Yi scolded her, she knew he scolded is not groundless, as long as a man will feel her despicable.But Xu Yi is not her. I don’t know what she has gone through, what kind of situation she is in now, and I can’t understand what she has done.In the afternoon, it rained again. Zhao Jinmei was working in the field. She ran back in a hurry and saw Jiang Yue standing in the yard collecting clothes.Jiang Yue held the clothes in her hands and put them in the house. Xu Yi was standing at the door with her child in her arms. She looked up into his eyes and quickly withdrew her eyes.”My big brother will be back in a few days.”Jiang Yue lowered his head, did not speak, she did not want to luo Dadong back, hear the news feel heavy in the heart.Xu Yi stood behind her, holding the baby in her arms. “Jiang Yue, I hope you can be calm and take things as they come. My brother is not a bad man, he is just a bit rough, but his character is ok, he…”Jiang Yue threw a pile of clothes on the bed, some clothes fell to the ground, Jiang Yue took a breath, breath tight, “Xu Yi, LET me ask you something.”He patiently looked her straight in the eye. “You do.”In these two years, she with Xu Yi’s words is the most, she with Luo Dadong husband and wife for two years, have not said so many words, also somehow, the man has a kind of inexplicable trust, but reason has been telling him, do not tell this man too much, they are a group.”Have you ever been pointed?”Xu Yi meng, bent the corners of his mouth, suspected that he had heard wrong, “what did you say?””If you were like me, if you were like me, you wouldn’t be here telling me that I’m wrong to be here, that this isn’t how I should be, that I didn’t choose it, that she…”Jiang Yue points to the child in her arms, “This is not my choice, I did not choose.”She thought she would cry, she would break down, she would lose control, but no, she just kept a cold face and talked to him seriously.”You didn’t choose this. How did you get here?”In his view, being deceived is also a blind and false choice.Jiang Yue took a breath, “My parents asked me to work in a company after graduation, get married and have children when I was old. I said I wanted to help more people in need. My intention was to teach here.Xu Yi did not know what to say. She suddenly took his hand, “I know you are a good man. Help me.”03 atmosphere suddenly cold down, Xu Yi to her eyes, see her eyes with tears, quickly took out his hand, “Jiang Yue, I still that sentence, my brother……”Hearing this, she could imagine what she would say next.He would have said, it happened, accept it, my brother is a good man and live with him, which is more annoying than silence.She snatched him decisively from his hands and held him in her arms.This action seems a little rude at this time, the child did not adapt to come over, then cried, Xu Yi frowning, “Jiang Yue, I don’t want you to go astray.””This is misguided.”Without looking at him, she took the child in her arms and closed the door.Luo Guoqing love cards, in the afternoon went to the village with a few uncle cards, a few uncle saw his face scratched laughed at a few words, said that pulled to Luo Dadong’s daughter-in-law.”National Day, your eldest brother is taking your uncle to go to the city to see a doctor, your eldest brother buys back that wife how to do?””Would you have run away?”Luo Guoqing was smoking a cigarette. “My eldest brother is not stupid. He called my cousin to help watch the house.””Xu Yi watches the house?””Well.””Tut, tut…”No one said anything. The cards went on. After a while, someone spoke again.”Xu Yi a man to help watch the house, also inconvenient ah.””Xu Yi is the only one who has nothing to do while my aunt is working. He is free.”See lively not disrelish matter big, “that your eldest brother how return a responsibility, call your cousin all don’t call you, believe however you?””National Day personality or can…”Luo Guoqing listened to the heart drily, “line line, with you also have nothing to do, he loves Shouting who shout who!”04 people more place is not more, a few women in the village came to see cards, big old man did not discuss, a few women began to talk.”This Xu Yi, is not on the university to the city, how suddenly come back, before all say he is our village the most promising one, now return home with us have no culture of also have no difference!””It’s no use going to school. You end up getting married and having kids.”An older woman frowns and retorts unpleasantly, “Does that mean that reading can affect your marriage and children?””No, ma ‘am, it’s just useless to study. You see Xu Yi is not the same as us when he graduates from university.””Ha ha ha, be, heard that his mother also introduced his object.””I didn’t hear that.””TSK TSK TSK, look not bai, rely on their own university, to marry city people, high bai!””The river moon is also from the city…”Gossip spreads from one to another, all are laboring people who spend most of their time tired and talk a lot when they are idle.Luo Guoqing did not talk, seriously playing cards, think of jiang Yue that slender waist, as well as the white fingers, the United States, the dozen dozen, more irritable.One day in the countryside, the sky was getting dark quickly. Zhao Jinmei was sweeping leaves in the yard. Jiang Yue, holding her child in her arms, went to talk to her and stood in her yard.Zhao Jinmei took her as nonexistent and continued to sweep the floor without looking at her.Jiang Yue was not embarrassed and said, “Jin Mei, what’s the matter? Did you quarrel with Guoqing?”Zhao Jin Mei cold hummed 1, “sister-in-law, need not you hypocritically.””It’s normal for a husband and wife to quarrel. They always have their wits about them, don’t they?”Jin-mei zhao thought, was she didn’t know the reason why she quarrels with guo-qing luo, if know certainly not so kind to her, “sister-in-law, you mind your own, I completed the task as a woman, I have children, you take the time to complete the task, also have a few more to the eldest brother, I’m a spat with National Day doesn’t really matter.””That good, noon National Day come over my side to borrow medicine wine, you good don’t fight, husband and wife a lifetime long.”Zhao Jinmei had no place to lose her temper. She thought to herself, “I am about 40 years old, and I still need you to teach me how to do things.”But there is a sentence in the countryside, hand not dozen smiling face person, she just see not used to jiang Yue grow foxy-like, Jiang Yue did not offend her, almost also on the line, she forced a smile, “know sister-in-law, thank you.””You’re welcome. We’re all family.”Jiang Yue took the child in her arms and turned to walk away. Zhao Jinmei took a big broom and her eyes gradually darkened.A family?Who’s family with you? I’m a born and bred woman. You’re a kidnapped woman.Luo Guoqing was drinking at a friend’s house in the evening and came back late. When she passed by the village grocery store, she suddenly thought of Jiang Yue and bought a bag of snacks for her in the grocery store.Back when passing jiang Yue live place, Luo Guoqing saw the door has been closed, the lights are dark down, the mood is a bit complex, he quietly walked forward, put a bag of snacks on the window.06 Xu Yi was sleeping in the hall. He saw the shadow of the window in a daze. When people left, he went out and saw a bag of snacks on the window.There was silence in the hall for a while. Xu Yi took out his mobile phone and lit a cigarette, hesitating whether to call luo Dadong.Jiang Yue said to him, and the idea of Luo Guoqing, as a younger brother he should not hide, can say out on Jiang Yue rather some cruel.With this in mind, Xu Yi did not sleep well all night. In the middle of the night, he heard her get up to feed her. Just after dawn, she came out of the room again and went to the kitchen to cook a meal.Xu Yi stood in the yard for a moment and lit a cigarette.Since Luo Dadong took Luo Fucai and Zhou Lanfang to the city, almost every day in the money, the city expenses, every day to pay for treatment in the hospital, to eat and drink money, the hospital near the vegetable rice is expensive, but only a few days, save more than 10,000 yuan will spend little.Zhou Lanfang to take care of Luo Fucai’s illness, can not leave, see the money is not enough, but also worried about it, it was just dawn Luo Dadong bought some porridge back, Zhou Lanfang looked at the porridge in her hands sighed.”Big east, hurry to go back, money is gone.”Luo Dadong knew that the money was gone, but the weather was not stable recently, he was afraid that it would rain heavily on the way back, and it would not be safe when entering the mountain. He could not even find anyone to help him because he was lame.”In a few days, Mom.””Your father’s illness costs hundreds of yuan a day to cure, and we eat and drink here. A bowl of porridge costs three yuan, just like a gun…”Zhou Lanfang frowning, serious words long, “come to the time did not know to spend so much money, you go back to bring some food to come, by the way borrow some money, with the National Day ah, your aunt and your second uncle are open mouth, no way to cure the total cost of money!”Luo Dandong scratched his head, “I know mom, I will think of a way.”A few years ago, he worked hard, but he made money, but later he used to buy a wife, and now his father is sick and can not take money, he is not feeling, if this goes back to borrow money, how to do father’s illness?

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