Two in the morning!Beijing media made a controversial report: The naturalization of the National football team suffered a heavy blow, fans questioned the voice

Beijing time on February 13 at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, the latest news, Chinese football recently, according to the latest situation of the domestication, Beijing media reported the Beijing youth daily to make a dispute, they say domestication brings to the team’s actual effect, no Carl decker domestication may be terminated, and this idea also attracted a lot of fans.Beijing Youth Daily wrote: “It is understood that if the stock reform process goes well, Shenzu will continue to use four foreign players in the new season: Kardek, Achimpeng, Vakaso and Praliganji.Influenced by factors such as the national football team’s failure to advance into the World Cup finals in Qatar and salary, Kardek’s naturalization has no substantial progress, and the specific operation will be terminated with great probability.For the national football team to recruit naturalized players, the outside world is controversial, but from the result, “naturalized project” really did not bring effect to the team impact on the World Cup.”Can be seen from the Beijing youth daily reported that they are not pleased with the results of the team’s naturalization, made clear that didn’t bring real results to national team, although the media did not disclose more information, but Carl decker naturalization big probability is terminated, this not only makes the team’s naturalization to suffer, but also attracted a lot of fans of a question.One fan said: “Now that we’ve started this, how many years do we have to start all over again?We will continue to increase our efforts to naturalize and plan for younger generations, not for one or two World Cups, but for the next 20 years.”Another fan said: “Why there is no actual effect, it is just like one show after another, there is no design, overlapping positions, no targeted, no overall style.”Of course, one player said: “Twenty years ago, Qatar planned a group of mercenaries. Twenty years later, The National team of Qatar has many homegrown players from its youth training.Now, the Chinese football Association is still walking the road others have walked, will only copy forever, copy and paste.As an old Chinese saying goes, it takes ten years to sharpen a sword.Your XX Chinese football association, with 20 years to grind a sword, this sword can also grind melon and vegetables?”

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