Visual sichuan migrant workers’ “gifts” warm up the Spring Festival travel rush

On February 9, 2022, Baidu Map released big data on Spring Festival travel in 2022.The peak of migration after the Spring Festival occurred on the sixth day of the first lunar month, when Sichuan was the top two provinces with the hottest population moving into and out of China, according to the data.On February 6, Cheng Qihang, 25, set off from Chewang Town in Hejiang County of Luzhou City to Longquan, Chengdu, carrying a basket full of home-smoked bacon, sausages and vegetables on his back. “Home-grown vegetables have a sweet taste that all my colleagues want to eat,” he said.Journey: CHENGdu-Hunan Chen Xing ‘an, who has worked in Chengdu for six years, and his wife are returning home with their twin daughters in Shaoyang, Hunan province, on February 13.Before going out, the couple put on a new down jacket for their children, “going home is to bring happiness.”During the 2022 Spring Festival travel rush, people are less worried about returning home due to normalized and refined epidemic prevention and control policies.The overall scale of this year’s Spring Festival migration has increased compared with that of last year, which not only brings back family members but also prevents the epidemic.On February 10, Ma Guanghua, his wife and daughter from Rongxian County, Zigong City, returned to Guangdong to work and study with nine bags of homemade green pepper oil. “It’s a taste of home that you can’t get from working in Guangdong,” ma said.Journey: Jianyang — Guizhou Zeng Wenjun (left), 61, and his wife Xie Yongxiu stuffed their suitcase with preserved meat and four sealed boxes of mutton soup before leaving on Jan 26, so that their son, who works in Guizhou province, could have a taste of home.The 2022 Spring Festival travel rush will end on Feb 25.On the Spring Festival travel rush, the workers’ bulging bags are filled with gifts to bring back and take away. This gift is greetings, thoughts, but also a delivery of a family member’s heart across thousands of mountains and rivers.Journey: Chengdu — Jintang Ye Yaling, 26, carries a “Tiger Tiger” gift box issued by her company home on Jan. 27.After studying abroad in 2018, she missed the sweet and sour fish cooked by her father. She has been back home for the Spring Festival for four consecutive years.Journey: Pujiang — Yibin On January 26, Xiao Wubin, a yibin migrant worker in Chengdu’s Pujiang county, bought 30 kilograms of raking capers before going home. “They are pujiang’s local specialties and taste good. I want my family to taste the taste just picked.”On February 10, zigong City migrant Workers service Center launched the “Spring Breeze action” for migrant workers to return to their posts. 150 local migrant workers took the high-speed train to Guangzhou for free.After migrant workers arrive in Guangzhou, the local government organizes special buses to reach migrant workers’ enterprises, so as to achieve a non-stop, seamless connection.Shu Yipan, who just started his job this year, bought new clothes and two boxes of snacks for his parents in their hometown on Jan 27.Waiting for the train at Chengdu East Railway Station, he took a photo with the tiger doll and made a wish to get rid of the single in the New Year.On Jan. 26, 10-year-old sister Yang Yiyi (l) and her sister Yang Shuangqi carried a cake they had chosen for their reunion with their father. “This is our New Year gift for my father, who has worked hard for a year,” Said Yang yiyi.Ma Guanghua and Ding Chunrong, a couple from Dujia Town, Rongxian County, Zigong City, will take their daughter to Guangzhou to work and study together by this high-speed train for migrant workers.Their whole family brought a total of 9 large and small packages, which were stuffed with their own sausage, bacon, pickles.In the morning before going out, her husband Ma Guanghua checked the bag again, “where is the green pepper oil, this can not forget.”Ma Guanghua made these bottles of green pepper oil during the Spring Festival, which is the taste of his hometown and a special New Year gift for his workers.Zeng MAO (l), a kindergarten teacher in Chengdu, gives her niece a gift to pick her up at Xingwen Station in Yibin city on Jan. 22, wishing her healthy growth in the New Year.Journey: Chengdu — Guang ‘an On Jan 27, Liao Heping, 49, a cement mixer driver, found it difficult to get home after working on a construction site in xindu for the past two years.This year, I bought a lot of new clothes for my children and filled them with cloth bags. “The children are looking forward to my coming back. They will be happy to see new clothes.”On January 27, wen Qinrui, 37, returned home with chickens and geese from his hometown in Ziyang, which were specially fed by his parents for the Spring Festival.Like Ma guanghua, countless migrant workers leave their backs behind in the rush of Spring Festival travel rush back to work. But they always carry their bags full of gifts, filled with nostalgia and love, warming the uniquely Chinese Travel rush.

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