Bask in the wind and rain practice the beginning of the heart to carry forward the mission

In recent years, Wukeshu People’s Court of Yushu City has always adhered to the people-centered principle, earnestly carried out the “principle of convenience”, kept in mind the purpose of justice for the people, and made positive contributions to promoting the economic development of the jurisdiction and maintaining social stability.It has won the collective second-class merit award and the collective third-class merit award successively, and has been awarded the “Civilized Window” by changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and “Excellent Court” by provincial court and provincial Department of Justice.When the good service “three farmers” “vanguard” Yushu is an agricultural city, land is the “root” of farmers, the spring of each year is prone to agricultural cases, cases of conflict is often sharp, if not handled in a timely manner, not only affect the spring tillage for production, it is easier to form people to turn to punishment cases.The judge of Wukeshu Court took the initiative to go out of the court, investigate and understand the situation, and deal with the case in time.Ryu land is occupied by a nephew Liu Moumou lodges, ryu demand payment from the Liu Moumou covers, Liu Moumou refused to pay, after the case, because Liu Moumou do small business in tianjin, handling the case would not come back, again not willing to accept the court’s trial a summons, the deadlock case treatment, later to the township government investigators ‘questions coordinate with relevant personnel to deal with, the joint efforts of both sides by the fu yuan,Repeatedly do ideological work, Liu xx pays the plaintiff Liu mou covers an area of 10 thousand yuan, the plaintiff Liu mou withdrew the lawsuit.The plaintiff with Ms. WuKeShu some agricultural materials store in the process of selling seeds disputes happened, because the defendant spraying method is undeserved, guiding the plaintiff lost lead to Ms. Conciliation by the agricultural law enforcement, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the agricultural capital store refused to compensation obligations in accordance with the agreement, the plaintiff appealed to the court, the court in the process of to the defendant,The judge in charge of the case actively explained to the defendant the legal consequences of losing the lawsuit, after the court mediation, the original and the defendant reached a new mediation agreement, the defendant on-site compensation for the economic losses of the plaintiff, the plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit.The People’s courts have always been people-centered, letting the people feel that fairness and justice are close by and handling every case fairly and fairly.Plaintiff ryu and the defendant, so-and-so land disputes happened, using the half-brother, the plaintiff has been living with my parents to parents, died on November 2, 2018 land after approval, will also be the parents’ land equaling to the plaintiff, owe 8000 yuan to the defendant when the plaintiff, the plaintiff to the defendant for farming, in the plaintiff requests the defendant return the land,The defendant in a variety of reasons to refuse, WuKeShu people’s court case the judge successively into using the home for many times, patiently explain policy, explain the laws and regulations, but because the two sides contradictions deeper, if conciliation fails, in order not to be mobilized by mistake, the judge sentenced in time, handling the case after the judge to do a good job, an interpretation understanding both sides XiSu suit.Due to its wide area and large floating population, Wukeshu Court has set up a green channel for the disabled to help people with writing difficulties to record oral complaints and reduce or exempt legal fees for those with economic difficulties.At the same time, the court conscientiously implemented the practice of “ten hundred million” for the people and “I do practical things for the people” practice activities, in order to reduce the burden of the masses, actively promote the application of Jilin Micro court, guide the masses to file online, scan code to pay fees, online court sessions, fast and high-quality dispute resolution, let the parties “only run once”.When good v source governance “vanguard” in recent years, earnestly implement the superior court WuKeShu court and elm municipal party committee politics and law committee about help solve contradiction dispute, regional social comprehensive control requirements, adhere to the law enforcement case with v source management pay equal attention to, the non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism to stand in the front, strengthen governance jurisdiction of multiple types of common disputes source,We will strengthen coordination with towns, townships, and streets, comprehensive governance centers, and mediation centers. Relying on the development of law-based rural areas, we will introduce judges into the grid, and improve the mechanism for “people speaking out and judges speaking out.”Positive power to carry out the party committees and governments “no litigation” rural community to create work, and in combination with the township judicial offices, form a pattern of “trinity” of collaboration, the village committee, actively take advantage of “local judicial trial, through the village committee and judicial offices, timely screening jurisdiction CunTun disputes, grasp the village public opinion, ready to resolve contradictions.In a visit to the countryside found in the process, Wukeshu town village Liu and Li couple often because of family chores often quarrel, the masses reflect more, the court went into the family many times to mediate and persuade, and actively help two people to solve difficulties, resolve conflicts and disputes from the source in time.Through long-term contact and daily work accumulation, every policeman of Wukeshu People’s Court has become a “bosom friend” of the masses.In the past three years, Wukeshu Court has carried out more than 20 legal publicity activities, especially after the promulgation of the Civil Code, the first time to carry out a series of legal publicity activities on the Civil Code, their footprints all over the fields, but also into the hearts of the people.They have visited the masses of more than 1000 people, issued more than 2000 copies of legal publicity materials, investigation and settlement of disputes more than 100 cases, with practical action to let the masses really feel the “speed” and “temperature” of the judiciary, but also won the praise of the masses.Our reporter Liu Yan

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