Can you guess where zhengzhou is?

Elephant news · image network reporter Section jin Zhewen/picture quietly told everyone that Zhengzhou recently added a new city building “huge array”, people have been to say “super style”, “very feeling”, there to take photos, with a shot is a large.The above beautiful scenery is all from Zhengzhou Finance Island.Recently, with the opening of zhengzhou Financial Island road, many citizens came to experience this new landmark with international style.Financial Island is located in the middle of Longhu, about 1.07 square kilometers, is the future Zhengdong New Area set financial office, business and tourism as the core of the new area.The island is planned to form a “huge array” of urban buildings surrounded by 44 high-rise buildings in the double ring. It is very suitable to take photos and punch cards when walking in the “international wind”.

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