Henan: 5 old woman stand corner peep bride, discuss short skirt, net friend: the intelligence center of village

Damas and aunts are the “intelligence centers” of the village.Many people may have experienced such a scene: when they go back to the village, if they see some aunts sitting on the roadside nearby, they would like to find a ground to crawl in, do not want to pass by them, do not want to become the focus of their discussion.On February 11, in Shangqiu, Henan Province, five elderly women stood side by side in a corner and watched several young men taking wedding photos of their bride. After the video was uploaded online, it resonated with many netizens, who joked that brides have become the focus of elderly women’s discussion.The bride and groom have known each other for a long time, they have been in love for a long time, they have reached the appropriate age to get married, and their families urged them on, so they both decided on a suitable day to get married.So the first step is to take wedding photos, the bride invited her friends to help, one of them is Xiao Guo.Guo and the bride have a very good relationship. They are college classmates. Guo is busy around the bride, not serving tea and pouring water for the bride, but sorting clothes for the bride, which reflects their close bestie feelings.But while taking the photo, the photographer noticed that there were five women watching the scene blocking his view.So guo came forward, Guo hope aunts can stand to the side, 5 aunts will listen to.But the old ladies did not retreat, they found the scene very interesting, hiding in the corner of the side by side, watching the bride take pictures.Guo was too busy to notice the impact his words and actions might have.At this time she suddenly heard one of the old women discussing the bride: the big cold day wear a short skirt is not cold?Guo suddenly realized that some of their behavior may let the aunts have opinions, Guo felt very funny, she also had a little regret at the time of direct behavior, no euphemism to talk to the aunts, maybe now the aunts have been discussing Guo.Guo said this was also the case in her village. Whenever she met aunts and aunts, she would walk around.Some netizens may have experienced a similar situation, with one commenting: “These damas are the intelligence center of the village.Another netizen commented: “The most horrible thing is that those old wives and sisters in the village are discussing the things in the village again.Small-market view: “Who does not speak behind people, who is not said by others.”Growing up in this world, we can not avoid other people’s gossip, but as long as live their own line, as long as the firm position of their own, do their own, decent style, no matter what the old ladies say, we are not afraid.Living in a small city, with little contact with the outside world, is not like the big city intrigue, where the intrigue is fought for their own interests.They only pursue their own interests. Gossiping about others has nothing to do with them, and they have no interest in wasting their time.However, it is different in small villages. Life is more leisurely and not as dark as people in big cities. Their daily pleasure is to chat and gossip.Boring as it may seem to some, it’s a little bit of leisure in the kennel.And aunts and aunts talk about these things, there is no bad intentions, just to add fun to their boring life.People should not take it to heart too much, they will not do any harm to themselves, also do not care too much about other people’s eyes.Different living environments can also create different customs. I believe that this kind of customs that Guo encountered can be seen in almost every village in China.But the young people also don’t be afraid, encounter this kind of situation, big square with aunts and aunts say hello, and then big square after, maybe they will praise you are a sensible young man.Have you ever seen anything like this?Would you want to run away in this situation?

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