How can a single mother protect herself when her 7-year-old daughter sees her mother die?

In the early hours of June 2, 2020, gu, a single mother, was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Qu, with 56 open wounds. Gu died of shock caused by acute blood loss, witnessed by her seven-year-old daughter.Gu, a divorced woman, was working in a shopping mall with her seven-year-old daughter. She was introduced to Qu by someone. After a period of dating, they developed a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend.After breaking up with Qu, Gu received harassment from Qu many times. He followed gu for a long time and threatened her, which seriously affected the lives of Gu, her family and colleagues.Gu went to the police for help four times because of Qu’s nagging problems, and the police criticized and educated Qu, but Qu still knowingly and repeatedly harassed him.In August 2019, Qu wrote an IOU of 20,000 yuan to Gu. After they broke up, Qu often squatted on Gu’s downstairs and threatened her with death. On May 31, 2020, Gu also called the police for help.On the afternoon of June 1, 2020, Qu took the kitchen knife prepared in advance, as well as gu’s spare key, waiting for the opportunity.At 9 o ‘clock in the evening, the little girl heard the sound of a lighter and footsteps, the child thought it might be uncle Qu came, Gu came out to check, did not find anything unusual, put the bedroom door closed, and a stool against the door.At around 5 am the next day, the child was woken up by a loud noise. Qu kicked open qu’s bedroom door with his foot. The child saw Qu and told his mother, “Uncle Qu is coming.”Gu did not have time to ask for help, qu was hacked to death.After the murder, Qu fled to Nanchong from Guangyuan and was arrested by the police around 1:00 a.m. on June 3.In the judgment of the first instance, the suspect Qu mou due to the relevant behavior constitutes the crime of intentional homicide, the court took into account that the case is a dispute caused by love and marriage issues, give discretionary sentencing consideration, so sentenced Qu Mou to a suspended death sentence.When the victim’s family learned of the sentence, they filed an appeal, and dozens of residents in the community signed a petition demanding that the killer be punished.The court of second instance held that qu repeatedly harassed Gu after being broken up, but still did not repent after being criticized and stopped by the police. He continued to harass Gu and his family, and eventually even threatened the lives of others. His behavior was far beyond the normal scope of love and should not be identified as a marriage dispute, so he was sentenced to death.What kind of pressure does a single mother face after divorce?Being a woman is hard, being a mother is harder, and being a single mother is even harder.Single mothers bear the triple pressure of psychology, life and spirit.Psychological: psychological change, used to like to use the ear to listen to love, now more pragmatic, no longer easily involved in a new feelings, because she is afraid of failure again, psychological has been afraid of feelings.Life: Single mothers have to earn money to support their families, raise their children and bear the burden of the family alone.Tired, tired, do not dare to rest, bullied, do not dare to resist, afraid of being dismissed, lose the source of economic resources, back home to close the door tightly, the wind and grass are so frightened that they hide in the bed shivering.I have a female classmate got a divorce, her ex-husband was a raffish idle man, you have to female students choose clean body leave home, at the same time to take a 2 year old daughter, and was advised her not to take the child, because a woman with child is bad to remarry, but female classmates think can’t give daughter to an irresponsible man;With a daughter, she reject, worked as a salesman, pendulum stalls, being bullied, being abused, dozen don’t strike back, scold not return, then I lent her 50000 dollars, let her to rent the house, the children settle down to find a job doing the first, and then studied the writing, amateur paid a much higher salary than he, and life is on the right track now, against her parents with children at the time,And offered to take care of the kids.Spirit: in addition to the child have no other rely on, encounter wind and rain only oneself to oneself hold an umbrella, encounter difficult problem, only oneself to oneself find the answer, with busy and overworked paralyze oneself, psychologically feel lonely, lonely, need a person to take care of, but again afraid of the non-person, not easy to believe a man.As a single mother, some people take the humiliation, a face of misery;Some women are strong and independent and live to be a woman man;There are women who live their lives with abandon and grace.What kind of choice will have what kind of life, I hope every single mother can live a good life!What do single mothers like in men?Men with a steady income.Single mothers know that life is difficult and not easy. They look at a man’s earning power. If a man doesn’t have a serious job and a steady income, finding such a man will only make his life more difficult.Why are women so strong?It is because the man behind them is not strong, they have to be strong, every woman wants to be loved and loved, if there is a man who has a steady income, can share the burden of life for her, she will feel easier.Responsible men.An irresponsible man is a big problem, single women know that;Originally you are to look for him to face the ups and downs in the life together with you, the result you discover in the end he is the biggest drag, encounter a problem to retreat, lazy, lazy, let a woman feel more afflictive, had suffered losses once, why bother to push oneself into the pit of fire again?Strong and resolute man.Such a man is the backbone, can be a woman shelter from the wind and rain, encounter problems actively to solve, encounter danger actively block in front of the woman, beat not down, strong and resolute, not afraid of failure, fell up is not complaining, not self-abandonment, some is just the passion of struggle.Love me, love my dog.That’s important. Why?As single mothers, their biggest fear is that the new man will not treat their children well, and some mothers care more about their children than they do about themselves.A single mother who has been through a failed marriage can be psychologically resentful, withdrawn and even bad-tempered. She needs a man who will accept her, her flaws, her family and friends.The most important question: How do you protect yourself and your child as a single mother?1, there are children at home, need to keep awake;Don’t date any type of man, especially don’t bring a man home.Do not revel in men’s hospitality and sweet words, you think, you are divorced, and take a child, a man to contact with you, he figure you what?A big part of it is that you are young and beautiful and conform to a man’s aesthetic, but how do you tell if a man is true to you?These days, some men are more fake than others. They pretend to be a lover, a sweet, caring man who can charm women around. Maybe they really want to spend time with you, or maybe they just want to “have fun.”To sharpen your eyes to discern, you can’t “see the wood for the trees”.Learn to use the law to safeguard their rights and interests.Many women after divorce, living with children, become very timid, scared all day long, people look at, bullied, they swallow their pride, dare not fight, this result is to let those who infringe on our rights and interests intensified.3. You need to “test” a man before starting a relationship.If a man is not willing to spend money on himself, can you believe that he loves you?Single women seek men to share the burden of life and family, otherwise what is the point of looking for a man?(2) To see if a man is monogamous.Some men are very good at pretending, he and you at the same time, maybe there are other women, you are just one of them, you give feelings, they are “play”, in the end hurt or their own.To prevent emotional fraud!(3) Look at the man.Look at the man is not a sense of responsibility, self-motivated, understand the way of the world, know both cold and cold, can become the backbone of the home, can not support together for the home without wind and rain of the sky.(4) Look at the man’s emotional experience.Before associating with a man, we must see the man has no emotional experience, there is no clean relationship has not been broken, to prevent their own carelessness when the third party or the victim of feelings, do not set foot in other people’s marriage.Emotional problems are common and new.We need love, but we never give in, do not go with the flow, do not go with the flow, polish eyes to find the man who really loves us!

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