I finally get to visit mom today

My mother lives in an apartment for the aged. Due to the epidemic, she was not allowed to visit the apartment for the aged. So I went to the apartment for the aged for several times and failed to see her, so I had to hand over my belongings to the door post.I showed up today, and the gatekeeper gave me the green light.My mother is eighty-seven years old.After cataract surgery, my eyesight was so good that I could read the fine print of a newspaper.One ear can hear well, the other very badly.My mother had a heart attack in Beijing in 2008, and the hospital said she should have a stent.At that time, my annual income was limited, and my net income was only 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per year.I insisted on going into debt and having my mom’s surgery so I can still see her.The grace of upbringing is as big as heaven.But some people in the conflict between money and gratitude is the choice of money and abandon gratitude.Some people speak the language, not the personnel.Full of benevolence and morality, but behind the dry male and female prostitutes.This kind of person I despise!Those who do not know how to repay kindness are unworthy of friendship.I’ve been at war with my mother for years.There were two main causes of the war: she had a problem with the people who lived in her apartment for the elderly;Another thing about my mother’s hatred of my rich.My mother is always at odds with the old people she lives with.Every time I went to visit her in the old people’s apartment, another elderly roommate always complained to me, and I always severely criticized my mother’s wrong way.My mother hates me!I don’t help her talk, but help each other.My other relatives also criticized me for what I did.My mother resented my increasing annual income!The idea that I was getting better returns than the rest of my kin was the cause of great hatred!When my mother lived at home, I came home, she was very willing to chat with me.How is my work?I report it as it is.But as my financial gain increased each year, she became extremely mad hatred!So when she asks me about my annual income, I’ll stop telling her the truth.I answered that I could eat.Whatever she asked, I answered in the same way.I went to talk for two hours today.She looked for cookies and other snacks for me.I’ll just have some cookies.I listened to her talk of my other relatives.She told me that the milk powder she was given last time was very good. After drinking one pack, she couldn’t bear to drink it.I told her to just drink it and buy her a few packs in two or three days.She said it was expensive, right?I said I didn’t know the price and I’d let my wife buy it.I’ll ask her what she needs?She said to buy her a pair of purple cotton shoes, size 38.Cotton-padded shoes are hard to wear.She told me the roast duck was delicious.I say no problem, wait two days I go to weihai court to buy you a few.My mother asked me if roast duck was very expensive.I said I didn’t know the price.Buy as much as you can eat.After a while two old ladies came, I said to go out for a smoke.I was smoking in the yard and took some photos when I saw the view of the old people’s apartment.When I came back from the yard, the two old ladies were still there. I talked to them. They were so happy that I took a group photo of them.Then the waiter came with the lunch, and I was headed back to the law firm.My mother asked me when I would come again.I told her to come at least once a week.

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