Li Na, 40, recently revealed that her daughter’s face and eyes are more like her father’s, and the family happiness is enviable

As a result of Li Na’s birth, many Chinese began to pay more attention to tennis and Li Na, 40, who retired from tennis and now spends more time with her family and life.Unlike the simple appearance of athletes, Li Na is very beautiful after careful dressing.You can’t recognize the changes.The daughter’s face and eyes are more like her father’s.He has an enviable happy and harmonious family!Born in 1982, Li na became more interested in sports under the influence of her family.She practiced badminton for the first time.Later, because of her outstanding performance, she found favor with the tennis coach, so she started playing tennis full time.As an athlete, Li Na performed well.Almost every match brings visual pleasure to the audience and is gaining recognition in international tennis competition.After retirement, with the support and encouragement of her husband, Jiang Shan, she returned to the world and began to write her own tennis legend.At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Li finished fourth.The Chinese people have seen the rise of Tennis in China.Later, Li Na became China’s first grand Slam tennis player.Li married her boyfriend Jiang Shan in 2006.In 2014, Li na confirmed her retirement and said goodbye to her fans.Thanks to her success in tennis, Li Na has a fortune of more than 100 million yuan in recent years, and there will be no pressure in his life after retirement.Now Li Na is getting better at dressing.Now she starts to make up and becomes more and more beautiful.At 40, she has the temperament of the past and is worthy of being a Grand Slam champion.Li Na has two kids and is in great shape.Their children’s eyes and faces are more like their father’s.I also hope that they can continue to cultivate their children’s sporting talents and continue to produce excellent athletes for the country.

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