Pacific Island public broadcasters under “Pressure from China”?Foreign Ministry refutes

Source: the web on February 16, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the routine press conference, a foreign media reporters said, the head of the Australian broadcasting corporation, said in a public hearing on the Pacific island nation of public broadcasters are facing “pressure” from China, ask them to make the content of the Chinese government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please comment on this?Spokesman Wang Wenbin said the remarks by the Australian side do not represent the true views of the Pacific island countries, but deliberately spread false information.In the riots that hit the Solomon islands, tonga volcanic eruption caused serious disasters, there have been a so-called “Pacific island countries don’t want to accept China’s aid” such false information, but in fact everyone saw China’s assistance and support, warmly welcomed by the Pacific island people, this is China and Pacific island nation of adversity, fate and the most true portraiture.Remarks that sow discord between China and Pacific island countries have no market in these countries.

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