Take an examination of grind low cent to attend second try ashore probability has how old?Counterattack method is worth learning

According to the previously announced enrollment plan of 1.10700 million students, the enrollment ratio in 2022 will be about 1:3.9, and the enrollment ratio of 4.1:1 will be the largest in the past five years.In terms of quantity, I feel that the competition is small, and one of the 4 people is admitted, but this is the average. The number of students in each school and each major for postgraduate entrance examination is different, and some of them are more than others. Therefore, the opportunity for landing is different with different competition.The 2022 preliminary test scores will be released after February 21, and the national test line will be released in mid-March, followed by the reexamination and adjustment of most schools in late March and early April.The second interview is usually 1:1.2 or 1:1.5 ratio to participate in the second interview, the result is calculated according to the first interview *50%+ second interview *% 50,10 people to participate in the second interview, will brush 2 people or 5 people, each school is different.So what is the probability of success for those who rank lower?According to previous experience, the vast majority of students, the first test scores are high, the retest scores are relatively high, individual students will attack.Therefore, I think the students whose scores are lower in the preliminary examination, especially those who are not in the number of students, must collect and adjust the schools while preparing for the second examination, so as to make two preparations.Every year, there are many students who counterattack in the reexamination of graduate students. It is also possible to come ashore with low scores. The key is to see the accumulation of usual and the play of the reexamination.The following retest counterattack method for your reference.The first, seek accurate retest data or retest professional calendar year true.Retest data can go oneself enter oneself for an examination the graduate school of the school searches, had better look for elder brother elder sister or authoritative tutorship orgnaization, accomplish review pertinacious.Now this year’s epidemic impact of the second test is still the network second test, in order to be fair, the network second test is basically selected questions, mainly to examine the candidates’ professional basic knowledge, expression ability, ability to use.That’s the key.Second, pay attention to hot subjects.Each subject has the hot issues of the year, pay attention to review the connection between the hot topics of the subject and the knowledge of the subject, to achieve mastery.Third, prepare Chinese and English self-introduction in advance, remember him familiar, to blurt out, use freely.Self-introduction is generally the first test, good performance will have a lot of impression points.Fourth, collect their own questions, you can find someone or their own practice in front of the mirror.This must be simulated in advance, or really on the examination room only to find that would have been unable to say, remember the “one minute on the stage, the stage ten years of work” truth.Practice is to get familiar with the knowledge, train the logic of expression, but also can increase confidence, timely correction of deficiencies.Fifth, carefully design the resume, in the resume to fully display their advantages, such as cet-6, published high-quality papers, positive and optimistic.Sixth, pay attention to dress and etiquette.Second test when the boy do not wear too fancy, wear a bit of leisure spirit can, without long hair, beard.Girls do not draw thick makeup, through the dew of clothes, too much color clothes, pure and simple.Etiquette, before and after the second exam to pay attention to the teacher bow hello.Attached second test scoring standards for your reference second test is the comprehensive quality and professional knowledge, relatively easier than the first test, but usually talk less, do not love the exchange of students to pay attention to the second test more practice.There are many methods of reexamination, welcome to discuss together!

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