This is the number one women’s football star: Wang Shuang last night with injury staged a bull tail excelsior 1 act too tough

The Chinese women’s football team made history last night when they won the Women’s Asian Cup for the ninth time. The team not only showed the spirit of refusing to concede, but also defeated their opponents in the technical and tactical level.Wang Shuang, the number one star of Chinese women’s football team, played with injury in the match, among which a wonderful oxtail play was more stunning. Chinese women’s football team needs such an example and star!In the 31st minute of the first half, wang Shuang, who missed the semifinal against Japan with an ankle injury, was doubled by three players after receiving a pass.And Wang Shuang with a world-class oxtail people continue to fool opponents, and finally the ball points out, this wonderful people can not help but applaud!As the second half began, the Chinese women’s team played more actively and Wang Shuang showed some fighting spirit before being substituted due to injury.In the 50th minute, wang shuang starting backcourt full gallop, forced the south Korean team defence at the speed of sprint to throwback, eventually the other goalkeeper can only choose open feet forward, the Chinese women’s team also success in winning the ball, the king of the frost of the moving galloping across half-court has earned the respect of everyone!Only 9 minutes later, Wang Shuang again in front of the positive grab.In the process of passing the ball in the back field of the Korean team, the women’s football team was disturbed by a player’s tackle. Then Wang Shuang stepped forward to fight with her body at the first time, and finally finished the tackle with her teammates. This wonderful snatch of the ball showed the unity and tenacity of the women’s football team.This is also wang Shuang’s final contribution to the Chinese women’s football team before the end of the game. It can be said that Wang Shuang almost fought for every second of her presence, which is also the foundation for the women’s football team to turn the tide against the wind!In addition to Wang Shuang, the women’s football team has many people brave to show their ability on the field, in the 83rd minute of the game, the women’s football girl Gao Chen took the ball in the side to fool the opponent, in the face of the Korean players close, her wonderful fake move past the opponent, and caused the other side foul!It has to be said that Chinese women’s football team not only needs star players, but also needs more stars like Wang Shuang to stand up. Only with the rose spirit of the team and the amazing performance of individuals, can Chinese women’s football team once again have the last laugh!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)

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