A 70-year-old woman from Anhui province makes snacks, and the finished products can not be put bad for six months. She only makes them in winter and cooks the delicious meat

Anhui Dingyuan is a county connecting the north and the south. Since ancient times, it has been an economic fortress connecting the surrounding cities, and now it is also a very important place.The snacks here can be said to contain the characteristics of the surrounding provinces, with the delicacy of southern food and the bold of northern food, often giving people the illusion of not knowing where they are in the world.This inherent advantage, also gave a lot of foodies looking for a good place to eat.It is like a snack called “bao zhe”, which is similar to jianbing but eaten in a different way.0170 years old aunt do snacks want to eat delicious cake fold, must go to Dingyuan County, and want to eat the most authentic, will go to the countryside of Dingyuan County Jiang Ji town, where the elderly people will basically do, there is a 70-year-old aunt, do cake fold has been more than 40 years, has a mature craft and experience.When my aunt was in her 20s, she began to learn how to make such snacks. At that time, they were not for sale, but for their own home, or for relatives and friends.Although it can be done by one person, for better taste and efficiency, the aunt’s daughter still operates with her, often doing it alone in the hearth and burning the fire alone.When it comes to fire, there are also exquisite, we know that the large hearth in the general village is burning firewood, but to do cake folding, in order to have the most appropriate fire, we must burn hay, heat evenly, in order to make a perfect cake folding.Aunt only in the winter time, because summer around the stove is too hot.03 raw materials do cakes of raw materials is very simple, simple is miso and water, a large number of miso water fusion must be very good, there can be no doughball inside, or it will affect the taste of the finished product, but each time you stir all very fee physical strength, so the woman thought of a good idea, use electric drill, not stir our daily cream egg beater, but stir the paint and cement hand-held electric drill,You can see that there’s a lot of production every day.04 cook sai rou xiang stir good batter can be on the big iron pot, a lot of people will ask, why not 鏊子 or pan, aunt or the same reason, because it will affect the taste, all the choices and changes are for this simple food can have the best taste.Spread evenly in the iron pot as far as possible, wait for the water to evaporate, you can start the pot, put on the side to cool, the next day when cut into diamond pieces, put outdoor air dry.The dried cake can be kept for up to 6 months and will not spoil. The best way to eat it is to cook a vegetable soup you like. Add the cake and cook it together.Pancake is a traditional snack with a long history. Even though there are so many delicious foods today, there is still a group of people sticking to it somewhere.

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