Feb 13 football sweep recommended, score score forecast!

Monaco have been in excellent form recently, and their ability at home is very strong. Monaco’s advantage against Lorient is very clear. They lost the first leg of the season away to Lorient.Lorient away from home is not good, this season away from home 4 draws 8 losses have not won the results, the recent state is also low, this game can not look high!Prediction score 2-0 3-0 Number of goals 2/3!Hannover 96VS darmstadt round 22 hannover 96VS darmstadt 2/13 20.30 hannover are currently winless in the second round. Hannover have been terrible at home, with 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses in 10 home games this season.Although darmstadt lost 5-0 to Hamburg in the last round, but the first 4 games are unbeaten and won 3 games, plus Darmstadt belongs to a strong and weak guest team, in the past to face Hannover occupy a certain advantage, away 3 times to face Hannover have won!Competitive lottery recommendation (main and negative) score prediction 1-2 0-2 goals 2/3!Tottenham hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers in round 25 tottenham Hotspur have lost two games in a row to Southampton.Tottenham, who are currently seventh in the table this season, rely on their home side for most of their points, having conceded three last time, and need to win this game to restore their confidence.Wolves away at present 3 in a row, this game if the victory can be over Tottenham to get the 7th position in the league, Wolves is also 2 in a row at present, this game will be a anxious battle!Score prediction 2-1 1-1 Goal count 2/3!Bundesliga round 22 United Berlin VS Borussia Dortmund match time 2/13 22.30 United Berlin this season at home, the last 10 times only lost at home to Bayern Munich, the rest of the majority of the victory, the last 2 times at home against Borussia Dortmund have won, the strength should not be underestimated!Hornet is currently ranked 2, as a traditional strength is beyond doubt, but the away battle is not home play so stable, the field to the index support strength is not enough to support, might as well be optimistic about Berlin united can home undefeated!Prediction: 2-1, 2-2 goals, 3/4 goals!Serie A 25th round Atalanta VS Juve match time 2/14 03.45 Atalanta has nearly three rounds of defeat, the last round of the loss to Calia caused a certain psychological blow to the team, the past performance in the face of Juve have a certain disadvantage, inevitably there will be a certain psychological pressure.Juve league has been 10 rounds of unbeaten play stability, but plus this game juve already a week three games, can have a certain impact on the team!Score prediction 1-2 2-2 Goals 3/4!

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