Fried chicken is not competitive, we have to start from the material.Without material, how can you win?

Relatively speaking, fried chicken consumer groups are wide, consumption frequency is generally higher, fried chicken start-up investment is small, low risk, high profit, fast return, ten thousand yuan can start a fried chicken shop.The entrepreneurial partners of the existing stores want to add fried chicken dishes in the menu, which is also a good way of drainage. After all, the equipment required for fried chicken is not much, the production process is not complex, and the meal efficiency is guaranteed.But there are countless fried chicken stores in the streets, how to stand out, what kind of fried chicken is more competitive?Fried chicken is not competitive, we have to start from the material.Without material, how can you win?!Only the real stuff can be competitive.Pickling to have “material” fried chicken taste to have characteristics, in the choice of raw chicken is very particular about, and raw chicken is the first step after cutting is pickling, in order to give fried chicken more flavor.Pickling can not only remove the fishy, fresh, tender meat, add flavor, lock juice, more importantly, can add different flavors of marinade, to create other flavor fried chicken in addition to the original fried chicken.In the new fried chicken entrepreneurship class, teachers will teach seven kinds of marinade flavors, such as Korean spicy, Korean curry, American spice and Chinese pepper numbing.Most consumers prefer crispy layers and layers of scale.If you want to rub beautiful scaly fried chicken and make it more durable and soft, it is particularly important to apply the formula of fried chicken powder and paste.This is the most important step to get that crispy, fragrant coating.The choice of fried chicken flour, the way the flour is coated and the way the scales are rubbed will affect the taste of fried chicken.If the technology is not in place, there will be no difference and no competitiveness.In the new version of the fried chicken entrepreneurship class, the teacher will teach 5 kinds of flour and paste making techniques, which are applied to different flavors and parts of the marinade, to present 14 different styles of fried chicken products.Sauce is often the finishing touch to sublimate the quality of a dish, and it is the essence of a delicious dish.And the special sauce, can make fried chicken more different, let taste buds remember;Let enjoy the food more ceremonial sense, let the customer deep impression.To continue to surprise customers and make them remember and love us, stores need a wide variety of fried chicken sauces with diverse flavors.Use more creative and eye-catching ways to present, so that customers can have a better consumption experience, and then they will have the willingness to repeat consumption.There are various ways to eat fried chicken sauce. In addition to the rich and crisp fried chicken wrapped in sauce, customers can also choose other food methods, such as dipping sauce, brush sauce, doused sauce, etc. With a variety of sauces, fried chicken is more delicious, more interesting and more fun.Sauce is not enough to dip the “material” to make fried chicken more competitive, won the love of young consumer groups, in addition to the indispensable research special sauce, can also add all kinds of dry dip “material”, let fried chicken more delicious.Common dry seasonings include cheese powder, pepper powder, chili powder, cumin powder, garlic powder, black/white sesame seeds, shredded nori, shredded nuts (chopped walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc.), shredded red pepper, chopped parsley, scallions, garlic flakes, etc.Friedchicken coursethe first post-festival “Friedchicken course” will start in Shanghai from February 28th to March 2nd.Teaching module added Korean food & snacks, teaching products increased to 30, no price increase, limited time special!Just 3 days 15 lessons, from 0 to 1, fried chicken!Great benefits – 2 sets of course materials + 120 hd dishes photos will be given as a gift along with the class.Make the impossible possible in your field!Become the ceiling of fried chicken!Open the year’s first explosive fried chicken entrepreneurship class waiting for you!Special note:Have set up shop partners want to increase the Fried chicken in the existing menu category, and temporarily unable to pull back to school to attend unified course, you also can try to choose chef and food production series of products, semi-finished products Fried chicken marinated Fried chicken Fried chicken sauce raw materials and finished products, metal processing, reliable quality, flavor, namely in the box, does not increase after hutch preparation work,Partners in need can contact the teacher to place orders…

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