Fuxing Street, shijiazhuang’s Renaissance road

To live a wonderful life, people need to have goals, so as to have the motivation and direction to move forward. In order to achieve rapid urban development, people also need to have goals, so as to rationally utilize resources and promote economic improvement.In order to build a modern, international and beautiful provincial capital city, Shijiazhuang has also set a small target for itself — “By 2025, the economic aggregate of Shijiazhuang city strives to exceed one trillion yuan”.Now that you’ve set your goal, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do to achieve that “little goal.”As an old industrial city, in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the state invested heavily in the establishment of cotton mills and pharmaceutical factories in Shijiazhuang, followed by the establishment of steel plants, oil refineries, thermal power plants and other large enterprises, so that Shijiazhuang has formed an industrial system dominated by pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, chemical, machinery and other industries.However, with the continuous elimination of backward industries and industrial restructuring, shijiazhuang’s economic industry and talent adsorption capacity is not as good as before.It is often joked that only intermediary, insurance and sales jobs can be found in Shijiazhuang.How does Shijiazhuang achieve small goals?How to make Shijiazhuang’s comprehensive economic strength back to the national top 30?We need to attract more talents and enterprises to stay and contribute light and heat to the construction of Shijiazhuang.Therefore, the eleventh Party Congress of Shijiazhuang city proposed that in the next five years, we should build five industrial clusters with hundreds of billions, so as to accelerate the high-quality development of the economy and achieve economic total of over one trillion.They are:New generation electronic information industry (new generation electronic information Industrial Park in Luquan District and Zhengding Digital Economy Industrial Park in Zhengding New Area, etc.), biological and pharmaceutical industry (Shijiazhuang International Biomedical Industrial Park in High-tech Zone, etc.),Equipment manufacturing industry (Luancheng District Assembly manufacturing Industrial Park, etc.), modern business logistics (Shijiazhuang International land port, Zhengding Airport Industrial Park, China (Hebei) Free Trade Zone Zhengding area, etc.) and modern food industry (Luquanjun Lebao, Luancheng District Tongfu Food, etc.).It can be seen that these industrial parks are distributed in various regions of Shijiazhuang, with different focuses.There is an old saying: to become rich, build roads first.Therefore, if a city wants to develop in an all-round way and build a new industrial pattern, it is necessary to sort out and smooth the traffic network. Only in this way can aggregation effect be generated and the connection between different industries and blocks become closer.Therefore, in 2021, the beginning of the 14th Five-year plan of Shijiazhuang, shijiazhuang road network construction press the fast forward button.In 2021, shijiazhuang completed 20 dead-end roads, double the original plan of 10, determined the location of the north Third Ring Road, and municipal roads inside the third ring Road.In 2022, another 36 roads will be severed, and 56 roads will be severed within two years. In addition, a number of projects will be built to connect the second and third ring roads quickly.The construction of these roads will be the prerequisite for the implementation of shijiazhuang’s strategy of “embracing the river development” and the formation of the urban spatial pattern of “subtraction within the second ring Road and multiplication outside the second ring Road” and “one main road, four auxiliary roads, one belt and multiple points”.Among them, Fuxing Street has become the most important.From 2021 officially named to 2022 On March 19 planning publicity, and then to March 26 to start construction, the Municipal Party committee, the government held several meetings to study the Renaissance street municipal transformation work.Why renovate Fuxing Street?As we all know, Fuxing Street is the original Xinyuan Expressway, which is laid out in the form of high embankment, just like a high wall, completely separating the urban space from north to south. In addition, it is a two-way four-lane highway with only three entrances and exits in the urban area. Too few entrances and exits seriously affect the transformation of the urban road network.In addition, on both sides of the road, the supporting facilities are very weak, and the environmental landscape is poor, which makes the division between the main city and the eastern region very strong. There are many blank areas in the middle, which hinders the integrated development of the eastern industrial new town and the main city, so the implementation of multiplication outside the second ring Road is blocked.Fuxing Street will become the only one connecting the city from north to south.Positioned as the new central axis of Shijiazhuang, Fuxing Street serves as the new center of urban development, from the cultural tourism creative industry in zhengding area in the north, commercial quality biological medicine in the central city to the intelligent logistics in the equipment manufacturing area in the south.It can be seen that it will effectively link the main urban area + high-tech zone with the five surrounding areas, and play an important role in widening the urban framework and connecting the urban functional groups.How does Fuxing Street connect all areas of Shijiazhuang?Recently, the final design plan of the fuxing Street municipal project has been publicized. It stretches from Zhengding County in the north to Luancheng District in the south, with a total length of about 35.4km. The municipal transformation will begin before the end of March 2022.The main city section will be transformed into a two-way eight-lane main road with a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour, and a two-way six-lane secondary road with a design speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It is the first time for municipal roads to be designed with such a high speed and such a wide lane in Shijiazhuang.At the same time, 7 landscape nodes will be arranged on both sides of Fuxing Street, with an average distance of about 2 kilometers, so that fuxing Street will also become a green corridor.The main road of Fuxing Street is equipped with 11 interchanges and 16 pairs of entrance and exit ramps (one pair is reserved), realizing deep integration with 21 major urban roads.In order to avoid the division of the city, zhengding, White Buddha, xueyuan road three underpass tunnel.At the same time, according to the regional traffic demand, the section from north Hutuo River embankment to Crescent moon and the section from Heping Road to south Second Ring Road are added to the auxiliary road system.As can be seen from the setting of road nodes, the main role of Fuxing Street is to rapidly connect major blocks in Shijiazhuang, shorten the distance between industries and traffic accessibility of various regions, open the urban framework to help Shijiazhuang enter the era of the Third Ring Road, and provide a strong transportation foundation for our economic aggregate of over one trillion yuan.How does Fuxing Avenue contribute to urban renewal?As mentioned above, Fuxing Street is an important economic infrastructure in Shijiazhuang, and it also plays an important role in the urban renewal of Shijiazhuang.In the enclosed area at the intersection of Xincheng Avenue and Fuxing Avenue on the 2nd ring road in northeast Shijiazhuang city, the dilapidated factories were incompatible with many new parks around. Chang ‘an District completed the demolition of Xincheng Avenue and Fuxing Avenue within 18 days.The white Buddha Market at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Fuxing Street was also removed within seven days.The fault lines that once ran between the main city and the new district are gradually closing.The three main roads in shijiazhuang’s east-west direction used to have different names on the east side of Fuxing Street: Yellow River Avenue, Yangtze River Avenue and Pearl River Avenue. Now, after the municipal revitalization of Fuxing Street, they have been renamed zhongshan East Road, Yuhua East Road and Huai ‘an East Road.One road two names become history, but also marked the expansion of Shijiazhuang urban area, the arrival of the third ring era.The opening of the urban framework is inseparable from the population. After the completion of five hundred billion industrial parks, the housing and transportation of the population are also big problems.One of the reasons why the population of Shijiazhuang has been concentrated in the second ring Road for many years is the lack of supporting facilities and poor transportation outside the second ring Road.With the implementation of the subtraction strategy outside the second Ring Road, Fuxing Street turns into a municipal road, connecting various roads along the road, so that people can quickly enjoy the mature supporting facilities of the main city even if they live in the new city.According to incomplete statistics phoenix net property, to revive the street along with kaiyuan mansion, jinhui central cloud the jinhui, greentown royal river lords, ocean scenery, changan, xu hui the tianhai boya HaiRong world prosperous time, day, good times, donghua with mansion, vanke jade sold in projects like the four seasons, the property buyers to travel.Coupled with the continuous improvement of public facilities outside the second ring Road, the urban pattern of “one main, four auxiliary, one belt and multiple points” will be realized in the near future.Eliminate urban fragmentation, open the development framework, promote industrial linkage, and realize the coordinated development of the main city and the new district……It can be seen that the municipal transformation of Fuxing Street will become a strong traffic support for shijiazhuang’s curve overtaking and leapfrog development. It is believed that the transformation of this road will give wings for Shijiazhuang’s economic aggregate to exceed one trillion yuan.

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