Gaizhou city peasant painter Ma Xinming’s ideal watch

For more than 30 years, Ma Xinming has always been inspired by painting and calligraphy, never forgetting his original aspiration: “As an artist, only with spirit, mind and responsibility, can his works have muscles, morality and temperature.”Ma Xinming from ordinary farmers to calligraphy and painting celebrities!”Art is a process of negation. We should find our current position in time, but we should not stereotype ourselves too early.Along the road of art, you will constantly find shortcomings, prompting you to learn and improve.”In Ma xinming’s mind, a good work can be called a good work only when experts praise it, ordinary people find it beautiful and kind, and everyone has emotional resonance.In order to achieve such a state, literary and art workers are required to aim high, always remember why they are learning and for whom they are creating, and whether they can be brave enough to take on their responsibilities and live up to The Times.”From farm children to work, study and family, painting and calligraphy are constantly evolving my mind, but also to remind myself that art should never be arrogant, impetuous and show off.””I have always been a beginner, a wayfarer, a beneficiary,” he said.About to say goodbye, Ma Xinming revealed his wish to the reporter: through future efforts, he will become a professional painter.”I want to use the brush to show our new era, show our new life, and contribute love and positive energy to the society!”(Yu Xuezhong)

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