Golden Boyang’s debut at Beijing Winter Olympics

China News Network Beijing February 4 (reporter Zhang Su Xu Peng Peng)To the music of the martial arts film crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Jin Boyang, the fourth gold medalist in the men’s singles at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, represented China.Got 82.87 points in men’s single short program of team event.After the race, Jin Boyang said that today’s competition as a whole is good, although in the second jump (after the outer point ice quadruple jump) error, but in the third jump to adjust the state in time.And he wants to keep it that way.As for the competition at home and the reinterpretation of the pyeongchang Winter Olympics repertoire, Kim boyang said it is particularly meaningful.”Nervous, not so much;I’m not nervous, I’m a little bit more nervous than usual, “he said, adding that he was happy and enjoyed playing.’Everyone has some failures in the game, and everyone has to accept their own failures,’ Mr. Kim added.His goal was to programmatically execute his movements, to make each movement as fine as possible.The more in the competition, the more calm, to minimize the points deducted.(Source:

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