What is lyophilized liquid for

Lyophilized liquid is used to repair skin and is very effective for sensitive skin.After cleaning the face, directly drop the lyophilized liquid onto the face and wipe it with your hands. Do not smear it repeatedly with your hands. The essence will be absorbed by your hands.In the process of use, it can gently pat the face, which can increase the absorption effect of the lyophilized liquid on the facial skin to a certain extent.After daub is finished, wait for the skin to dry, the original liquid has been absorbed thoroughly, then use toner and emulsion to lock the nutrition of freeze-dried liquid.Freeze-dried powder mask is called freeze-dried mask, also known as freeze-dried solid liquid mask, is the mask liquid, and thickening agent and moisturizing agent with membrane cloth fiber fusion made, and then use vacuum freeze-drying, the moisture sublimation, and then into a solid dry film form mask.Compared with the traditional wet mask, the freeze-dried mask is more conducive to the preservation of active ingredients on the mask.The main components of lyophilized liquid are organic rose water and sugarcane extract. The active substance has high purity and strong permeability, which can promote the synthesis and secretion of hyaluronic acid, promote the proliferation of cuticle cells, and thus play the role of repairing barrier and promoting the secretion of collagen.Lyophilized solution is also a great treatment for hormone-dependent dermatitis, leaving skin glowing.

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