Why can’t a touch of incense be kept at home?How to keep a touch of fragrance?

A fragrance in the home can not raise the reasons, mainly the following two points: first, a fragrance is relatively rich, long-term smell will cause physical discomfort;Second, a touch of incense in the night for respiration, will release carbon dioxide, and then affect sleep.In the first place, a stick of incense gets its name because it smells so strong.The air in the bedroom itself is not circulated, placed in the bedroom will cause air turbidity, if long-term inhalation will cause discomfort, it is best to place it in a better ventilated environment for breeding.Finally, a fragrance breathes at night, releasing a lot of carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen.Then it will affect people’s sleep, and even there will be physical discomfort, so a fragrance is not suitable for indoor.How to keep a touch of fragrance?First of all, although Yimai xiang prefers sunlight, its leaves are not sun-resistant, so it needs to be exposed to astigmatism more or placed in places where the sunlight is not so strong.Be careful not to let a stick of incense not receive sunlight for a long time, otherwise the plant will grow in vain.Secondly, a touch of incense does not require much water, so we can wait until the soil is half dry before watering it.Finally, a touch of incense is more sensitive to temperature, so it is best to control the temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius. In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to placing it in a ventilated environment, and in winter, it is necessary to place it in indoor breeding.

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