59-year-old woman asks male nanny to wash her feet. Nanny: I’m not stupid. Female Employer: Your responsibility

Foreword: although do nanny is a woman, there are very few men do nanny, but now this time, many men would choose to do nanny, and men do nanny is more popular, and men do nanny will double salary, many women employers like to hire a man to do nanny, female nurse can’t do it like this, can do male nanny.However, this time a lot of men will choose to do a nanny, to female employers when a nanny, but some female employers are really too much, put forward some excessive requirements for male nanny, Sister Liu gave himself a male nanny, Mr. Chen is a male nanny, let’s take a look at his story!Mr. Chen:I am a male nanny, my force, because life come out so do nanny, because at that time my wife sick, my wife’s medical bills each month to 2000 yuan, still in high school, my two children need to spend much, during that time, I have a feeling of breath, I worry about money things every day,Behind I say it with my friends, my friend recommended me to do nanny, my friend told me a lot of men to do nanny now, because now many employers like to hire male nanny, think manny can do physical labor, but now male nanny salary was very high, generally has 89000 yuan, higher than work in the factory a lot, because my friends say so,Then I move, so I let my friend to help me look for employers, soon my friend help me find the employer, the employer is a grandfather, he looks very good, I go to his house for the first time, I told him that I was the first time to do nanny, if do not good place, hope he understand it.I do nanny in the old man’s house, the old man really good to me, he give me 7000 every month of wages, as long as I have to do is to take good care of him, he also didn’t let me do a lot of manual labor, he just let me accompany him, at that time I feel very lucky, met a good employer, behind the employer died, died after the employer,And I need to find employers, at that time I also do nanny for five years, is an experienced male nanny, so it is easier to find an employer, it took me a week, and then find the employer, the employer is a 59 years old elder sister, that employers are doing business, work at ordinary times very busy, so I want to please a nanny to take care of her parents,She give me ten thousand yuan every month wages, she said that as long as I have to do is to take good care of her parents, when I heard her say this salary, I’m really very excited, because this is really a very high salary, generally work in a factory, more than 4000 yuan a month, the salary is higher than in the factory a lot, so I just took over the job.When I was working, I was very serious, and I would complete everything my employer ordered with good quality and quantity. My employer’s parents were very satisfied with me, and they often praised me. At that time, I was very satisfied with this job, and I wanted to keep doing it until my child graduated from college.But behind a very unpleasant things happened, during that period, female employers business appear a little problem, female employers to work overtime to very late every day, every time when she came back very tired, looking at her like that, I especially admire her, a 59-year-old woman, still can then work hard, really not easy, female employers behind suddenly say to me,She said that she had been living alone for a long time, and she really wanted to have a man around her to rely on. When I heard her say this, I immediately panicked, because I was a family man, AND I couldn’t do anything to betray my marriage, otherwise I would be laughed at by people in the village, so I turned down the female employer.Once, the female employer asked me to wash her feet. I think this request is too much. I have only washed my mother’s feet in my life, so how can I wash her feet?I thought it would hurt my self-esteem to wash a woman’s feet, and then I refused the female employer. The female employer thought I did not respect her, so she kept scolding me. Her scolding was very ugly, and I got angry after hearing it, and THEN I said to the female employer:”I’m not stupid, I can’t do anything like that, and if you think I don’t respect you, then you can fire me,” she told me when SHE heard me say this. “It’s your duty to wash my feet, and if you don’t want to, you can leave now.”Then I really left.Author’s opinion: Some people say that the job of babysitting is easy, the pay is optimistic, and they think that babysitting is a good job, which is actually a misunderstanding of the industry.Some employers don’t respect their nannies. They think the nannies have to do what they want. They don’t respect the nannies and put themselves in the nannies’ shoes.In fact, the nanny is just a job, the employer and the nanny should get along well, so that the nanny will provide better service.

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