Barca’s 140 million star has scored 4 goals in 3 games, making him resurrected in the Premier League.

Barcelona sent Coutinho to Aston Villa on loan this winter.Since joining Barcelona, Coutinho has moved to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Aston Villa between, finally at Aston Villa, coutinho rediscovered the magic form in Liverpool.Philippe Coutinho had one goal and two assists as Aston Villa drew 3-3 at home to Leeds United this morning.Although aston Villa did not win this game, but Coutinho’s play is worth noting.Coutinho was also named man of the match after the game.With that game in mind, Coutinho has scored four goals in his first three games at Villa.That’s an impressive number for a forward player.Especially in this early morning game, Coutinho’s passing, shooting has had the appearance of that year’s peak period.Barcelona bought coutinho from Liverpool for 140 million euros, but he never hit his mark at Barcelona.Now back in the Premier League, coutinho has come back to life and hopefully he can continue to do so.Perhaps barca will be able to sell Coutinho for a good price in the summer window.

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