China and Russia signed a big energy deal, the US immediately to cool down the situation in Ukraine, this time really scared

Russia and Ukraine have been locked in hostilities since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.The United States, which is at odds with Russia, is stoking the flames and trying to aggravate the conflict between the two sides.Although Russia’s development is not as good as that of the United States, its military strength is not to be underestimated. The United States has been afraid of this, so it hesitated to send troops to Russia.China and Russia signed a document on February 4, 2022, marking the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony.It is reported that Putin’s visit has two purposes, one is to participate in the opening ceremony, and the other is to reach cooperation with Our country.On February 4, Putin met with our leaders.The two sides signed face-to-face cooperation documents on trade, energy and space.Among them, energy projects are the focus of all cooperation projects.Russia will supply oil to China and the cooperation will be valid for 10 years.Russia will also supply natural gas to Korea.The significance of signing the energy agreement The signing of the energy agreement shows that the cooperation between China and Russia is deepening, and the scope and amount of bilateral trade are also expanding.For Russia, China is such a big market that it is no longer afraid of western countries refusing to import energy from Russia.After the conflict in Ukraine, the US sabotaged energy cooperation between Russia and European countries.Under PRESSURE from the United States, the EU abandoned its cooperation agreement with Russia and bought energy from the United States, whose main goal was to destroy the Russian economy.At this critical moment, our country has bravely stepped forward and signed a cooperation agreement with Russia, which can effectively improve the situation of Russia.The deal we made with Russia is the final blow to America’s dream. America cannot destroy Russia the old-fashioned way of economic repression.If the United States persists in its attitude, it will end up in disgrace.Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, said the US had not said it would invade Ukraine, but was still trying to resolve the diplomatic incident, Reference Information reported.However, the ATTITUDE of the US side was completely different.Mr Biden has said 8,500 US troops are “rubbing their hands”.In other words, 8,500 American troops would be sent to “invade” Ukraine.In the end, however, the United States sent only 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe, indicating that the United States is proactively de-escalating the situation in Ukraine.In the final analysis, the United States does not dare to fight a war with Russia. If both sides start a war, the United States will gain nothing at all, and even end up with the consequences of losing both Russia and the United States.If America continues to obsess over Ukraine in an attempt to squeeze Russia, it will be in an awkward position.

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