Congratulations!Jiangxi these people and collective awarded the whole province!

February 16, the reporter learned that 2021 jiangxi Province 38 red Flag bearer (collective) selection results were announced recently.In order to commend advanced, set an example, through the research and decision of the provincial women’s Federation, awarded the Nanchang Xinxin District People’s Hospital committee member, deputy director of the nursing department Yang Huili and other 10 people in Jiangxi Province march eighth red flag pacesetter title, Nanchang August first Uprising Memorial Museum propaganda section deputy chief Zhou Tian and other 100 people In Jiangxi Province March eighth red flag pacesetter title,Jiangxi Daily Dajiang Website Hongpei Project Center, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences soil fertilizer and Environmental Resources testing center and other 60 units (collective) of Jiangxi Province march eighth Red Flag collective title.Jiangxi Province 38 red Flag Bearer (collective) is the highest honor granted to outstanding women by the provincial women’s Federation.The selection fully tapped the high-quality talent resources in new fields, new forms of business, new classes and new groups;For the first time, Taiwan compatriots working in Jiangxi were included in the selection range.These advanced individuals and collectives have made great contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangxi province by forging ahead in areas such as rural revitalization, epidemic and flood fighting, social governance, ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, and scientific and technological innovation and application, showing the good spirit of women in the new era.The attached list:2021 worker in jiangxi province pacesetter Yang Huili (10) Nanchang city new district people’s hospital nursing, deputy director of the party committee member, Cui Anji Jiujiang exchange promotion center for performing arts art director wen-juan CAI Jingdezhen porcelain story ceramic culture development co., LTD., yuan blue and white, general manager of the genetic bearing people pay xinyu people’s procuratorate fifth procuratorial director Lin yao’s armyYu Xinxin, president of yingtan Xianze Third Hospital, Party Branch secretary and leader of Ganzhou Zhanggong Dama Volunteer Service Team, Xu Guimin, President of Jiangxi Guanglai Health Industry Co., LTD., Zhang Ling, Deputy president of the first court of Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Zou Hui, director and researcher of The Institute of Science and Technology Strategy of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, Zeng ChuanhongChina nanchang railway bureau group co., LTD., nanchang station multiple shop salesman in jiangxi province in 2021, director of the eighth xiao-xia wan (100) Tonly Chen Shaomei deputy director of the nanchang nanchang daily journal Jiangxi along abundant express GanZiYin speed transport co., LTD Jiangxi rooms property management co., LTD Wang Yuanyuan, general manager of enterprise developmentNanchang city maternal and child health care (nanchang) third hospital mammary gland subject head nurse hu jia Nanchang water industry group co., LTD., deputy party secretary Dong Haili Great Wall securities co., LTD., jiangxi MeiZhongQin branch deputy general manager The big special steel co., LTD. Department of automation science and technology information center director of software development engineers TaoYingZi Jiangxi Mrs Wei, general manager of harvest industry co., LTDling Nanchang Yao Dongxia anyi county women’s federation party secretary, chairman Jiang Xide hot industrial co., LTD., general manager of yi wu Nanchang art academies (nanchang art gallery, nanchang porcelain plate painting research center) art research director even on Wednesday The communist party of China (nickelodeon the county party committee secretary fang qian Jiujiang customs logistics monitoring coco long TaoLuLu Jiujiang into industrial co., LTD., chairman zhang liLu Yating, President of Jiujiang Municipal Public Complaints and Proposals Bureau Chairman of Jingdezhen Fuyu Blue And White Linglong Ceramics Co., LTD. Liu Ju, Deputy Director of Economic Development Office of Lvmeng Township, Changjiang District, Jingdezhen cityAnd also the lv meng ChangJiang district township gucheng village party branch committee member li li Also the fifth people’s hospital of party committee, director of general affairs section He Weizhen Also in the art director Peng Liuyun embellish ceramics co., LTD Ceramic research institute of China light industry senior crafts peng neon pingxiang AnYuan area after the party secretary of valuable port street community, residents’ committees director tanZeng Huihui, General Manager of Jiangxi Wugong Industrial Co., LTD., Chairman of Jiangxi Time Walk Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Associate Professor, School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Pingxiang UniversityChen Huizhen, Executive Deputy Director of Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Industrial Ceramics, Liu Jia, Director of Rice Breeding Department of Pingxiang Agricultural Science Research Institute, Qian Wenxiu, Chief of the Second Comprehensive Department of Xinyu Municipal Party Committee Office, Lin Chunying, Secretary of the Youth League committee of the Traffic Police Detachment of Xinyu Municipal Public Security Bureau and Third-grade police chief, Ai Leimei, Chairman of Xinyu Linshun Labor Service Co., LTDDirector of employment Guidance Center of Western Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology, Director of the Cooperation Center of industry and Learning Wu Wanjing, General Manager of Yuzhou Embroidery Workshop Co., LTD., Wen Liping, General manager of Xinyu Liya Color Printing and Packaging Co., LTD., Xie Pengyi, Xinyu Fire Rescue Detachment, Yuan He Brigade, Intermediate professional technical position Xia XiaoeNie Qiaolu, vice president of Yingtan Women Volunteers Association, president of Yingtan Square Dance Association and Party branch secretary, Assistant prosecutor of 4th level of People’s Procuratorate, Xu Chaoying, minister of family and children department of Guixi Women’s Federation, Li Huifuneng Technology (Ganzhou) Co., LTD., expert of cell R&D Department, Dai Hong, Deputy principal of Ganzhou Middle School, Liu GuirongGanzhou city maternity Chen Shixiu, director of the maternity and children’s health care centers City of ganzhou city commission for discipline inspection committee level 3 section head jin-hua wang Ganzhou city it cultural radio and television news publication bureau party secretary, director liu yh Ganzhou city bamboo-shack Tang Jiang baishi town village party branch secretary, village officer has wisdom Jiangxi institute of environmental engineering vocational college of tourism and foreign language Luo Yunsong, secretary of the leagueGanzhou bureau chief Chen Yun jiao rong jiang district industry Ruijin pull the township high pit village women, half ridge group leader xiao-lan song, vice President of All-China Women’s Federation Ganzhou city ningdu peach blossom in the cultivation of specialized cooperatives of Chen su Zhangshu city fu street community party branch secretary, residents’ committees director FuYanFen wine square Yi chun city state w yuan jiang town party secretary of the bearJiangxi yifeng architectural design institute legal representative and chief engineer Xie Shaohua Yi chun city people’s hospital of respiratory medicine how sensitive yiyang, director of the center blood bank branch secretary, master hu thrill of shangrao Zhang Yanhua deputy director of the economic and technological development zone XingYuan neighborhood offices Shangrao bank riverside sub-branch, li-qun zhou Yiyang ji-hong Chen lead mountain county women’s federation party secretary, chairmanIt LeiSuFen women’s party secretary, chairman It the weather bureau chief weatherman Sue chardonnay It’s obviously by the five primary school party branch secretary and the principal yu-hua li The chairman Zhu Dongxiu Jiang Ximing yao industrial co., LTD Jiang Xiwei families and grease chemical co., LTD. (senior technician), deputy director of the provincial enterprise technology center hole to the fuzhou city linchuan 3 middle school senior teacher xiang-rong YangFuzhou city ecological environment Liu Xinping, deputy director of technical support center The chairman Wang Chunxiang jiangxi new construction group co., LTD Fuzhou city bureau of urban water management office director and director of administration of city flood control engineering risk xiaojuan Fuzhou city GuangChang the county party committee organization department, deputy minister Hu Donglian Fuzhou city linchuan, deputy director of the resources in the first middle school senior teacher is Cai QiaoqiaoZeng Jinfeng, Director of the Office of Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the Democratic League, Director of the Personnel Department of the Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring Center of the Upper Reaches of the Ganjiang River, Rao Junxia, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangxi Technician College, Jiang Cuifang, Director of the Coordination Department of the Political Research Office of the Provincial Party Committee (Reform Office), Zhang Yan, Deputy director of the Party working Department of Power China Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., LTD., Zhao JuanjuanJiangxi province National People’s Congress standing committee general office of the secretariat (supervision), deputy director of the ya-ling wang Commissioner of jiangxi province prison for disciplinary committee appeal review pan Dan Jiangxi university of finance and economics school of economics professor wang qingsong Jiangxi provincial party committee propaganda department civilization level 4 researcher feng sails The lawyer guoco (nanchang) hui-zhen xu, director of the office Nanchang first detention center, deputy director of the liu LinJiangxi province people’s hospital, director of the nursing department into static , director of the institute of water resources and water ecological environment of jiangxi province water conservancy zheng zither Jiangxi university of traditional Chinese medicine key laboratory of the Ministry of Education of TCM and modern shao hua, deputy director of the provincial agricultural technology extension center researcher Chen Yuping planting technology applied in promotion The state administration of taxation in jiangxi province tax bureau personnel director huangLogistic support forces result 9 hospital neurological department deputy head nurse Agnes zhu yingtan medical area Jiangxi provincial public security administration of entry and exit port visa office comprehensive management section chief liu ying Fuzhou city county people’s procuratorate of lean the judicial police brigade battalion chief Liu Yuji Pingxiang AnYuan five vicious district people’s court, people’s tribunals zhu min A women’s prison prison in jiangxi province level officersLing Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, Deputy Chief of Medical Department and Deputy Director of Medical Insurance Office,Xu Husheng, the former first Secretary and team leader of Chongxia Village, Cihua Town, Yuanzhou District, Duan Ming, flotation engineer, Concentrator, Sizhou Plant, Dexing Copper Mine, Jiangxi Copper Industry Group Co., LTD. Huang Kejun, deputy chief of The 2nd Section of Customs Travel Inspection, Nanchang Changbei Airport, Yang Feng, the 4th sergeant of The 3rd team, Nanchang Border Inspection Station, Jiangxi Entry-Exit Border Inspection StationYi chun city states federation of trade unions state cadre and yuan yuan new formats trade union federation chairman jean China’s postal group co., LTD. Nanchang branch deliver high glume division of express delivery manager Jiangxi radio and television comprehensive news frequency planning department director zhang Lou Commissioner of jiangxi agricultural university, international exchange, professor Liu Feiyan Nanchang institute of technology of artificial intelligence college teachers leaves greenNanchang City Lei Type school primary school executive principal Yuan Xiaoyan, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau East Lake branch police supervision brigade instructor Wu Yiling, Nanchang Richang Industrial Co., LTD. Chairman and general manager Hu Xiaofeng, Jiangxi Tianhe Road Energy health Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Zhou Tian, Nanchang August 1 Uprising Memorial Hall propaganda section deputy chief Sun JiayunThe second affiliated hospital of nanchang university neurology nurses 2021 38 red flag collective (60) in jiangxi province nanchang red valley central city community Jiang Ximin hin yellow century intelligent technology co., LTD. Science and technology innovation of nanchang county maternal and child health care of nanchang new district of nanchang city sanitation management jiujiang city federation of trade unions female worker committee he and district women’s federation of volunteer services jiujiangRetire retired army cadres first people’s hospital of infectious diseases department retreat for jiujiang jiujiang with grade school second day the jiangxi jiujiang changjiang river highway bridge co., LTD., operating management monitoring center of jingdezhen in jiangxi province highway road administration team three groups of women’s emergency teams leping hospital branch of jingdezhen airport ground service department of traditional Chinese medicine “blue and white porcelain” service team also the bead mountainArea mother fire prevention group shangli ShangLi town central primary school in pingxiang pingxiang public legal service center xiangdong medical insurance bureau xinyu secretarial section office of the people’s government of xinyu YuShui yingtan city district tax bureau first tax bureau, xinjiang district port first township riverside community help revenue tax bureau in the summer of yingtan city people’s procuratorate first procuratorial department yudu source XuanJiangTuan long march through the natural endowmentSource of ganzhou city people’s hospital nurses ganzhou city ganzhou making-friends kindergarten development investment fund management co., LTD. Yi chun city people’s procuratorate second procuratorial JingAn county in jiangxi province cervical cancer prevention and control institute of yi chun city shanggao AoYang street agency feng city women’s federation yiyang (yiyang) science and technology museum yiyang yushan county public security bureau command center yiyang GuangFeng area yongfeng street bird LinStreet community, the branch of China mobile in jiangxi province hengfeng company liberation road business hall it has obviously social welfare institute it xingan city kindergarten it Goldman biotechnology development co., LTD. It fjard county, qiu town dongmen community residents committee it three court its intermediate people’s court of the people in jiangxi province electric power co., LTD. Power supply branch gian gian substation control station in jiangxi province traditional Chinese medicineMedicine college public basic English teaching and research section of fuzhou city health care service center of the industrial and commercial bank of China co., LTD. Gold creek branch fuzhou city Li Chuan county kindergarten daily great river site in jiangxi red culture center project in jiangxi province academy of agricultural sciences’ soil fertilizer and environment resources testing center practice to promote the new era of civilization (publicity and education of the jinggang mountains center) of east China jiaotong university and transportationNew team in jiangxi province, 12320 health hotline association for science and technology in jiangxi province international work of the state administration of taxation revenue tax payment service hotline 12366 jiangxi province agriculture and rural areas in jiangxi province hall departments directly under the union female worker committee of jiangxi provincial public security network security team and other insurance branch in jiangxi province, the people’s procuratorate case management in jiangxi province woman forced isolation rehab a brigade of 9665Jiangxi Social Psychological Service Hotline jiangxi Provincial Women’s Working Committee Of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of China Agricultural and Workers Democratic Party Jiangxi Justice Department and Jiangxi Lawyers Association “Jiangxi Lawyers For Tibet”

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