In ancient times, shells were used as money. Why didn’t people go to the seaside to pick up shells

I’m sure you all know that in ancient times it started with barter and each took what he wanted.For example, if a hunter wants to exchange his fur for grain, he can exchange his fur for grain.But everyone’s needs may be different. Suppose someone trades fur for grain, someone with grain wants linen, someone with linen wants fish, and so on. That’s the limit of barter.Therefore, people began to look for general equivalents as the medium of exchange. There were many things that were regarded as general equivalents in history: sheep, cloth, seashells, bronze ware, jade, etc. Finally, seashells stood out due to their small size, portability, durability, and not easy to wear.If ordinary people can go to the seaside to secretly pick up the shellfish unearthed from fu Hao’s tomb in the Shang Dynasty, over time, won’t it be as rich as the country?In fact, collecting shells was not so easy back then.There are many kinds of shells in the sea, but the choice of money is rather limited.What kinds of shellfish are common?First, the tabby baby, found mainly in the Indian and Western Pacific oceans, has a surface as smooth as porcelain enamel, which makes people happy at first sight.In addition, there are ring grain baby, a wen shou shellfish, date shellfish, shellfish and so on.Since seashells were issued as currency, the government would have set a standard for them, and the “standardized” treatment of seashells was by grinding and drilling.Not to mention the fact that these shellfish live in tens of meters of water, they are not easily picked up, and even if someone is lucky enough to find a qualified one, there is no way to turn it into currency.Because drilling and grinding the teeth of a hard shell was a technically difficult task, only the ruling class was qualified to master it, and ordinary people often ended up with the “imitation” failing and the shell breaking.Of course, the simplest idea can be thought of today’s society is to use paper money as an equivalent, not a random drawing of 100 yuan can be used, only in line with the standard can be circulated.

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