Qinyang City People’s Procuratorate “warm warm” love team continue to carry out care activities

Henan economic newspaper reporter Gu Tailei correspondent Zhang Wenxuan recently, Qinyang City people’s Procuratorate “warm” caring team of the police braves snow again came to their pair of help “warm baby” home to carry out care to send warm activities, make the children lead a peaceful and warm festival.Police officers for “nuan baby” to send “nuan love grants”, as well as rice, noodles, oil and other necessities of life, to further understand the children’s learning and living conditions, to help them solve problems, encourage them to work hard, so that the children feel the Care and warmth of the Party.Qinyang People’s Procuratorate “warm” love public welfare team since the establishment, after four years of love practice, initial results, some of these “warm baby” has been successfully admitted to the university, and some are with excellent results toward the goal of their hearts, “warm” love work won the recognition of all walks of life.

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