Spoony man infatuated with aunt, bitter wait for three years to be cheated 150,000

Mr. Wang and a beauty net love for three years, a total of 150 thousand yuan for its cost, but just when he is full of expectations of this hard-won love, was told the identity of the other party, just an ordinary rub zao worker aunt.Mr. Wang is a businessman, early years out of business, with their own efforts, and finally struggle out a gratifying career.With a career and a family, it was just the beginning of good times, but then something bad happened.An accident took away his favorite wife and gave him a taste of separation, and since then he had never thought of marrying again.At one party, kind-hearted friends, seeing that he was successful and still single at 50, pulled him into a chat group.For this matter, Mr. Wang also did not object, the friend’s kindness is to create an opportunity to know the opposite sex for him.In this way, before long, a beautiful woman took the initiative to add his contact information, but did not imagine into the enthusiastic chat mode.However, the other party seemed to recognize Mr. Wang and heard everything about him. After a period of open-heart chat, the heart that had been closed for a long time gradually opened up.He felt that this woman was very considerate, very able to figure out a man’s heart, especially for the middle-aged man’s hard work special understanding and understanding, and always at the most critical moment, to Mr. Wang to send the most timely and warm love.So he accepted her in his heart.Of course, the two are not really in love at this time, just see each other as a good chat friend.Time flies, after contact for a long time, Mr. Wang suddenly found that his heart should live in a woman, and this woman is that has not met her.And this Liu madam, also be in the other side of the network, wait for his heart to wait for a long time.Everything turned sour when Mr. Wang couldn’t hold back his emotions and expressed his love for him.You have my intention, two people also developed into a long-distance lovers.When the emotion in his heart was completely opened, Mr. Wang could not control himself any more. He wanted to see her and give her a warm home.However, Liu always gave a lot of reasons, and every time she found the right reason to borrow money from Wang.A puzzling love affair lasted three years, during which Wang handed over 150,000 yuan to her without even seeing her.It was only when he was desperate for this true love that the mystery was mercilessly revealed.Liu, who turned out to be a pure beauty in her 20s, was not herself, and the so-called beauty photos were just photos she found at random from the Internet.And her real identity, it is an ordinary rub zao worker aunt, has more than 40 years old, only a few years younger than the nearly 50 years of Mr. Wang.When reading this story, many netizens have different doubts.Such a spoony man, in the end from where to find.Or, a successful businessman who has been working in business for many years can be cheated by an ordinary old woman for three years.After all is Mr. Wang IQ is too low, or Ms. Liu eq is too high.The only plausible explanation is that the outsider knows what’s going on.As far as Mr. Wang is concerned, his career is a success.Unfortunately, his family was his weakness.Behind a successful man, if there is not a warm family, it is difficult to be really successful.Perhaps that is why he could not control his emotional output and made a wrong judgment at the moment when his heart was opened.He does not care about money, he cares about which woman can accompany him to spend the rest of his life, can bring him a happy home.Therefore, Mr. Wang is not wrong, for any man, perhaps in the face of such a young and beautiful and considerate woman like Ms. Liu, more or less will be low IQ, emotional difficult to control it.In other words, this is also to their inexplicable confidence, after all in the business can be like a duck in water, how can believe in love was defeated.Can also be this kind of excessive confidence, just let oneself become easy prey for others.

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