“Surrogate driver” became “drunk driver”, and Sui Xi, a suixi surrogate driver, became popular

Drink don’t drive a car to look for generation drive but ten thousand generation drive also drink drive……Drunk to find driving on behalf of has become a common phenomenon, safe driving is a common sense, but this thought of their own drinking can not drive but found that driving on behalf of actually drink alcohol?Recently there is a generation of driving jin mou drive a motor vehicle after drinking just happen to be SuiXi County traffic brigade a squadron police checked red-handed police breath alcohol testing results of the pilot is 96 mg / 100 ml will be brought to the county hospital for blood test results of 90 mg / 100 ml belongs to drunken driving motor vehicle is jin mou has been criminal compulsory measures book for drivingFinally, we remind you not to drink while driving

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