An enterprise employee ridicule salary income!Half a million a year, but complain too tired to work

This social class distribution phenomenon can be said to be very obvious, especially in all walks of life, mainly reflected in the different division of labor, and is the difference in wages.The different division of labor has been very obvious, as to the different salary income in different cities also reflected incisively and vividly, but on the whole will be around a principle, that is, work more, you pay, you will naturally get your return!Recently, an employee of an enterprise shared his salary and made fun of his feelings after working for more than two years.This employee graduated from a 211 University with a bachelor’s degree and a 985 university with a master’s degree, majoring in architectural design. It can be said that he is generally quite outstanding.After graduation, he went to Guangzhou and worked in an architectural design company in the city. At present, he has been working for more than two years, mainly focusing on urban design. He still does not have the registration certificate, but he has already passed three courses, that is, soon!In 2019, his first year on the job, he started in July and was only paid 160,000 yuan in December for six months.2020 is his second year on the job, in this year, he got the overall salary income reached 470,000 yuan, if plus 30,000 yuan bonus, reached 500,000 yuan.In 2021, his third year on the job, he earned an annual salary of 450,000 yuan.And he also revealed that his provident fund has been capped, that is, 8000+ every month, a total of more than 130,000, annuity has 100,000!It can be seen from the above situation that his salary can be said to be very large, and it is based on the fact that he has only worked for more than two years without certificates, which is a height that many people cannot reach, but why does he still complain?He also revealed that he worked up to 70 hours a week, which would be 10 hours a day if he worked every day.He worked nearly twice as many hours a week as his 9-to-5 colleagues, who only worked 40 hours a week.After talking about here, the author has to talk about their own views, first said about the design institute, may be a lot of people do not know at the beginning, especially those who have no contact with these industries.The vast majority of the design institute is the government itself, the value of the design industry depends on government benefits, macro programming class special about urban land planning can give a blueprint of the government, land sales, direct economic utility is the largest, followed by the railway track, direct economic utility is larger, the indirect economic utility is very big, again is road, bridge and tunnel, indirect economic utility is larger,The last remaining water conservancy and construction and so on, it’s true that there is no economic return.This shows, the differentiation of the industry is also very serious, is not the whole design institute of the people inside are very profitable, coupled with the design institute of generally used backward and factory wages – output system, working hour is extremely low, basic no pain can not, work more, than the vast majority of enterprise/industry, design institute paid very, very low.In short, although this industry looks very profitable, but in fact it is very hard, ordinary people really can not do it, and their age is too old, it is certainly difficult to bear such a high workload.

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