Beloved in China and reviled in Japan, Koji Yano

Yano Koji, the name of everyone must be no stranger, although he is a Japanese, but almost no one in China hate him, but also very loved and respected by everyone, is also a household star.Yano Koji is how far across the ocean came to mainland China and become the “devil professional”?He didn’t actually start out as an actor in China, but as a waiter in a restaurant in Osaka.Curious and interested in acting work, Yano soon moved to Tokyo to start his five-year walk-on career.Koji Yano has not been frustrated in these five years, and he has never thought of giving up. He has been working hard and struggling towards his dream.As expected, opportunities are for those who are prepared. Koji Yano made a name for himself in a horror movie in Japan, and was then introduced by a friend to shoot a Chinese film and TELEVISION series called “Eternal Love”, which made a good start for his acting career in China.When he first arrived in China, Koji Yano was 27 years old. He didn’t speak the language, didn’t fit in the culture, and was often treated differently because of his Japanese identity.At that time, he did not dare to admit his nationality, did not dare to vent their dissatisfaction, but quietly to learn Chinese, waiting for the opportunity to come.Drifting in the north for more than 8 months, Yano Koji can be regarded as the “devil”.He played the Emperor of Japan for the first time, at that time the first staff in the cast saw holding the Japanese pure Japanese play Anti-Japanese War drama Japanese, both surprised and praise, have said the trick to play live.Then as we all know, Yano Koji became a true “devil professional”, walking in the street are called “big zuo”, “too gentleman”.Koji Yano thought everyone hated him, hated him so called, and later found that people like him so he joked with him.After career is increasingly mature, Yano Koji also from the “devil professional” out of the circle., once served as the “Day Day Up” resident MC, and also played a lot of different roles, but also played a lot of Chinese, indicating that everyone is heart recognition of him, accept this foreign friend.However, in China mixed with the wind from the yano Koji in his hometown of Japan has been despised and spurned, said he traitors for glory, said he was a traitor.Yano Koji does not understand his compatriots to his malicious, he thinks he is just in the pursuit of ideals, and the two governments of China and Japan also recognized him as the ambassador to promote the development of Cultural exchanges between China and Japan.Helpless Yano Koji had to stick to his idea all the way down, and still harvest love in China, with a Chongqing girl gave birth to a beautiful lovely daughter, and still enter the Chinese and Japanese hybrid girl of Chinese nationality.Over the past decade, we have all witnessed koji Yano’s hard work and efforts, as well as his successful career and wonderful family.What kind of Japanese do you think Koji Yano is?What would you like to say to him?

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