Caohu, Suzhou: Green beautiful new Home to build beautiful Yongchangjing

China Jiangsu Network news (correspondent Gu Jingjing) in order to further improve the area of residential environment and green rate, improve the comfort of residents,Xiangcheng district cao lake yongchang street community joint unocal property party branch, party committee cao lake street community health service center of party branch, long ze endowment service center to carry out “green beautiful new home Build a beautiful yongchang “Arbor Day activities, fully give play to the role of the party alliance, a total of planting the tree of friendship, build green ecological new home together.Unocal Property and Jiuze Pension Service Center donated 40 crabapple trees to yongchangjing Community to add green plants to Yongchangjing Garden and increase the green space for living.Jia Wenming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yongchangjing Community, Su Feng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Caohu Community Health Service Center, Huang Xiaolou, regional manager of Unocal Property Management And Zhang Jing, head of Jiuze Pension Service Center jointly unveiled the community Catonia Garden and jointly built a green home.At the scene, certificates and gifts were also presented to the representatives of the volunteers who participated in the tree-planting activities. At the critical moment of the fight against the epidemic, the volunteers showed their sense of responsibility and stayed on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control, thanking the volunteers for their hard work and selfless dedication.In the following tree-planting activities, we worked together and divided the labor in an orderly way. We dug holes, planted trees, raised soil and watered the trees.In a short time, hits the crabapple tree formed a “begonia garden”, the front of a new green let everyone full of joy.The Tree-planting Day activities improve the enthusiasm of community residents to plant green love green and protect green, enhance the awareness of green environment and ecological protection, so that the concept of ecological civilization more deeply rooted in the people.In addition, the Party branch of Caohu Street Health Service Center accepted 8 micro-wishes during the activity, helping the poor people in the area to realize one micro-wish after another. The small “micro-wishes” carry the poor people’s yearning for a better life, and convey the positive energy of “I will help the people when they have problems” and “I will handle the wishes of the people”.In March, Learn from Lei Feng activity month, Yongchangjing community will also organize love barber volunteers for free barber area for the elderly, for the elderly with mobility inconvenience to provide on-site barber service, to bring more intimate services for the elderly.

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