Chinese Embassy sends Spring Festival Bags to Compatriots in Uruguay

Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Wang Gang attended the ceremony of distributing “Spring Festival bags” to compatriots in Uruguay.Ambassador Wang said, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Uruguay, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to all the Overseas Chinese, staff of Chinese-funded institutions, Chinese language teachers and students in Uruguay as the Spring Festival of 2022 is just around the corner.Ambassador wang pointed out that over the past year, COVID around the world – 19 outbreak continued, the party and the government are very concerned about the broad masses of overseas compatriots, I try to practice pavilion “diplomacy for the people,” the purpose, actively carry out “green shoots”, hand in hand with brigade wu compatriots disease resistance, overcome difficulties, actively solve the problem of everyone “distress sorrow hope”, adhere to the consular window not lockout, launched “not met” deal with a passport, a travel permit,The “Consul of China” APP and other convenient measures have twice issued “Spring Festival packs” to Compatriots in Uzbekistan, and issued more than 300 alerts and notices on the epidemic through various platforms, helping many batches of compatriots to return home smoothly.Our compatriots in Uzbekistan have worked together to tide over the difficulties, caring for and supporting the motherland’s fight against the virus, serving and cooperating with the overall situation at home, the requirements of remote prevention and control, and various regulations of the Ukrainian government.Here, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and high respect to all of you.At present, the repeated delays of the COVID-19 epidemic, the increased mutation of the virus and the accelerated spread of the virus pose a serious threat to people’s lives and health.To enhance our confidence in the fight against the epidemic, we will continue to distribute “Spring Festival bags” this year. We hope that all compatriots will be vigilant and unrelenting, and work together to overcome difficulties and defeat the epidemic.Ambassador Wang stressed, “I will address the concerns of the people.I will do what the people desire.”In the New Year, the Chinese Embassy in Uruguay will continue to push for deeper and more concrete results in china-Uruguay strategic partnership for the benefit of the two countries and peoples.We will continue to serve as a safe haven, service station and overseas home for all our compatriots in Ukraine, and resolutely safeguard their safety and legitimate rights and interests.The Chinese thanked the Party and government for the care and concern of the Chinese Embassy. They said they would keep the warm feelings from the motherland in mind, remain committed to the motherland and fight the epidemic together, continue to support and cooperate with the Work of the Chinese Embassy, and contribute to the development of the motherland, national rejuvenation and China-Uzbekistan friendship.The staff of the Chinese Embassy and the consul assisted the volunteers in working overtime to pack and distribute the packages, and put the love of the motherland into the “Spring Festival bags” to convey warmth to every compatriots in Uzbekistan.Each “Spring Festival bag” contains necessary epidemic prevention items and New Year’s goods, a total of more than 200 copies will be distributed.END

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