Domineering ebony, originally a love of black rot, water “proud jiao ghost”, easy to do wrong point down

Ebony is a kind of appearance very domineering succulent, still have a name to call black ebony juice meaty, its leaf resembles the sharp sword of one piece of flesh, give a person the feeling of a kind of momentum vigorous, and ebony its growth diameter can achieve the largest 30 centimeters, plant is bigger color is darker, the price is more expensive.But it looks forward the ebony, originally is also a love of black rot, water “tsundere ghost”, if do not pay attention to in the summer, this huge ebony appearance, in the minutes of death to see you, so today to introduce to everyone, ebony, the points of maintenance for those easy to do wrong, you new friends can remember it.In addition to some individual tuhao friends, many people raise ebony from childhood to the big, that is, from the sowing stage began to cultivate their own.As ebony grows from seed to pile, you will experience many changes in ebony growth, so you will be familiar with some common ebony characteristics.Basically, those who have raised ebony once since seeding will have less black water when they raise ebony a second time.So, today summed up some maintenance points, next to share with you.First of all, when configuring the soil for ebony, we must ensure the principle of loose ventilation and drainage must be better.Because ebony has a large volume in the later period, if it is not well drained or the soil is not permeable enough, the leaves at the bottom will be prone to black and putrefied water.After the analysis of black decay water of flower friendly ebony, black decay water rarely occurs when the soil particle ratio is adjusted to about 80% or above. Therefore, if you are new to ebony cultivation, you can also configure the soil according to this standard.Ebony is a kind of extremely like sunshine more than meat, only give it bask, the edge of the blade will become more colorful, more deep color, compact plant will become more powerful, if the illumination is insufficient, ebony is prone to moderate growth phenomenon, cause drooping leaf touched black corrupt water suddenly happen.Of course, in the summer to raise meat, if the temperature is as high as 35 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to give it shade treatment, otherwise, excessive sunshine will also easily water.Finally, it is important to emphasize the relationship between temperature change and watering.When the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, water ebony only in a cool, ventilated environment.Moreover, after pouring the water, remember not to put it in the sun, otherwise the excessive transpiration of water vapor will make the ebony leaves fast water, slow all slow.So when watering ebony, be sure to have a well-ventilated environment, if possible, you can also prepare a small electric fan, when the temperature is too high, hot weather, you can blow ebony from time to time, so that ebony no matter how hot will not die.Conclusion: The friends who like to raise ebony this kind of meaty, can refer to some maintenance points below, to make a proper summary and analysis, welcome to share the message below, we will discuss and learn together.Flowers like friends, remember to click on the top of the “attention”, every day will introduce a lot of flowers and plants knowledge oh!

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