Falling leaves

Author: Zhou Ruohan casual look back into the bottom of my heart a ray of pale, the whispering in the dream was planted under the plane tree, floating leaves carrying thoughts trembling to the distance ~ the wind whispered: leaf ~ who do you cling to?Why do I linger in my dreams?Leaf gently bury sorrow into between veins, follow filar silk continuously of sad sincere feeling, gradually rehmannig withered withered drift 0 ~ perhaps be what the tree does not retain perhaps be the pursuit of wind, disappear in the last moment of life, leaf just return at muddy between.A few years later, who will remember that green green tender leaf once hung in that high tree?Under the wild and cold, whether the leaves that have long changed into mud are also regretful at the beginning of the look back ~ the wind blows over the parasol tree again, shaking off and down is the sorrow of leaving the withered leaves of a residual flower……About the author: Zhou Ruohan, female, Han nationality, shantou, Guangdong province.”Sigh of Beauty” won the second prize of the fifth National Literature Hundred Flowers Competition.The lotus in the pool has blossomed won the poetry Star award of the 12th Poetry Soul Cup Poetry Competition.”Cold Dew” won the Prize of 2021 National Kylin Cup Competition.”Who” won the Star Poet Award in the 9th National White Swan Poetry Contest.Chaos won the gold medal in the second National Poetry Holy Grail Literature Contest.She is a second-class writer in The College of Liberal Arts.He participated in the “Towards a New Journey” of The Chinese Association for the Promotion of International Ethnic Cultural Exchanges and won the National Outstanding Contribution Award for Literary creation in the new Century.

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