The National football team was 15 minutes Vietnam beat flower, winning magic weapon was stolen by the opponent, only mouth kung fu

15 minutes!Who also did not think, the National football team was defeated by Vietnam only 15 minutes, what also do not say, let’s first review fan Zhiyi’s section of the National football Bible: the next will lose Vietnam, Thailand lost Vietnam, and then myanmar, no one lost, do not face.On the other hand, The Chinese team is the earliest team preparing for the 2026 World Cup. I advise you to understand the concept of your own tactics and football first.Xiao Li (Li Tie) pretty good you changed him for what you tell me.You lost five to one in Vietnam, and you’re gonna tell me how to explain that?The face is gone.On February 1st, the first day of the Chinese New Year, the fans were full of confidence to sit in front of the TV and continue to support Chinese football. Anyway, we had already been eliminated in advance, so we won against Vietnam and rejoiced, but unexpectedly we lost the first goal in 8 minutes and the second goal in 15 minutes.The recent two games, the National football team lost really humbled.In the first match against Japan, he conceded a goal in 10 minutes and conceded a penalty, while the second goal was headed by Junya ITO.This time against Vietnam, the opponent was headed in 10 minutes.Once upon a time, the National football team once relied on the heading system to dominate Asia, the national football team relied on the height advantage of aerial bombing, in the face of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines these countries to win easily, but now the National football team is Japan, Vietnam bombing do not want.Is height a disadvantage for Chinese players?No, at present, the average height of the National football team has reached 1.83, even higher than that of Australia, but the ability of the players is plummeting, the foot kung fu lost, even the head kung fu lost, only the mouth kung fu.What also did not say, the national football team to cancel the local dissolution of the system.

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