Zhang Xia, principal of the First body, won the Asian Prize of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee’s Women and Sports Award

Zhang Xia, president of the Capital Institute of Sport, was awarded the Asian Prize for Women and Sport 2021 at the 139th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).The prize was established in 2000 to recognize outstanding advocates and change-makers for gender equality.The international Olympic committee (ioc) referred to in the prize: responsible for the preparation of the Beijing institute of the international Olympic capital institute of physical education into the international Olympic committee (ioc) have been Olympic research institutions around the world, ms guojin wan plan by her job and her role as international wrestling federation commissioner, continue to support and guide women improve management ability and administrative ability, giving women more rights sports officials.President Zhang Xia has worked in the field of sports for nearly 40 years. In 1991, she won the wrestling World Championship, becoming the first Chinese women’s wrestling world champion.After her retirement, she became a national coach and an international referee, producing many women’s national champions, world champions and Olympic champions during her coaching career.As a referee and executive committee member of the International Wrestling Federation, she participated in five Olympic Games and six Asian Games in succession as a referee and technical representative. She won the “Golden Whistle Award”, the highest referee award of the Olympic Games in the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.Last year, Zhang xia led the Wrestling team of the Chinese sports delegation to the Tokyo Olympics and achieved excellent results.During her tenure as a sports administrative worker, she was committed to promoting the development of competitive sports and improving the quality and level of competitive sports training and preparation.We will integrate sports and education, promote the vigorous development of youth sports, and constantly enrich new forces for the development of sports.As a physical education worker, she devotes herself to propagandizing the Olympic movement, inheriting the Olympic spirit, cultivating more sports talents, and giving full play to the function of sports in educating people, moral and physical education.Zhang Xia also serves as the executive committee of the International Wrestling Federation. While vigorously promoting the program, she actively encourages female athletes from all over the world to participate in the competition, and organizes various courses and trainings to improve the understanding and leadership of female athletes, coaches, referees and officials.It was her outstanding contribution to the development of women in sport that led the International Wrestling Federation to nominate her for the IOC Women and Sport Award in 2021.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Lei Jia editor zhang Peng

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