An American actor was so shocked when he witnessed the “zero dollar purchase” that he swore.

“I can’t believe I just saw this f ** king thing!”Comedian and director Michael Rapaport was so shocked by the “zero dollar purchase” in New York City that he began to swear.On January 25, Rappaport posted a video to Instagram of the shocking scene she witnessed at a Rite Aid pharmacy in Manhattan, New York.A man carried two bags full of items out of a pharmacy in broad daylight without paying a cent.The pharmacy security guard did not take any action, watching the man leave, as if accustomed to all this.”I can’t believe I saw this shit!””This f ** king guy packed everything from Rite Aid into his two bags and walked down 80th street and First Avenue like he had Gucci on his f ** king back,” Rappaport said in the video.Until the zero man walked away, Rappaport couldn’t stop her shock. “I was looking at him the whole time, and he was looking at me like, ‘What’s the problem?’This guy had just done his January Christmas shopping, and he had condoms and shampoo.”Sharing the video on Instagram, Rappaport wrote: “I’m in shock, it’s like such a small thing to happen in broad daylight.”Rappaport noted that the Rite Aid drugstore will close Feb. 15 due to lower revenue, “and as a result, the workers in the drugstore will lose their jobs.”The video quickly gained traction, and Rappaport singled out New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a post that has now been viewed more than 230,000 times.A spokesman for the New York City Police Department said it had received no file reports of the incident as of the night of the incident.The mayor of New York City, who has been named, has not commented on the matter.Rite Aid confirmed that there had been an increase in thefts at its stores and that it was investigating the burglary and would be working with police to investigate other similar incidents.According to ABC, the problem of retail store theft in New York City has gotten worse in recent years.In 2019, the NYPD reported nearly 38,000 burglaries;By 2021, that number had grown to nearly 44,000, an increase of 15 percent.Michael Rappaport, born in 1970 in New York, is an American comedian, director and screenwriter who has starred in more than 20 films.He played Phoebe’s cop boyfriend in the classic TV series Friends and appeared in the 2016 film Sully.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.

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